Life's A Yoke

I started practicing Yoga. In this, my second week of learning the basic poses, I find the whole concept fascinating and enlightening, although my muscles scream with all the pretzel twists I'm asking of them. The term "yoga" refers to the practices of physical and mental disciplines that originated in India. It is linked to meditation and I was intriqued to learn that the term in Sanskrit, which is the ancient language of Buddism and Hinduism, can mean "yoke." Why yoke, I thought? But then I looked deeper into the meaning, saw that along with yoke, the term represents "to join," "unite," and "to be in conjunction." So, this Yoga dunce got it - it's the partnership of our physical and mental selves. I have this image in my head now of two oxen linked by a wooden harness that keeps them united in their work. If one of them stops dead in the field, the other one can't move forward. If only one shows up for work that day, the lone ox would have one tough time getting the job done. There are references in the bible cautioning not to tread with an "uneven yoke." I love that.

So, most mornings I find myself in a quiet room, light my candle of choice, and practice what I'm learning is the best start of my day. I'm hoping that one day I'll actually be able to perform the poses with finesse. But, for now, I'm glad to be in the process of balance.

So, consider it, friends. Life's a yoke!


  1. Hi MK - that's great! I'm glad you've started Yoga. It's something I've been interested in as well - i've done some in the past and some pilates but haven't kept it up. Now, I 'm thinking I should get back into it! ;) Cheers!

  2. I never knew the 'yoke'/'yoga' connection - but it is very revealing. Your new practice sounds like it has its pretzel challenges, but it already sounds like it's worth it.


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