The Sensuous Soundtrack of Sade

By Rae Lori

Recently I saw that my favorite female singer made triple platinum earning her the second best selling record of this year after taking a decade long absence from the industry. Yes, it's the one and only timeless artist/band Sade. I loved Sade since I could remember (somewhere in the 80s) and ever since then I've always enjoyed her music. Even though most of her classics like The Sweetest Taboo, Smooth Operator and No Ordinary Love get more radio play, I think all her songs just plain rock.

One night on Facebook I was thinking about writing a movie with the soundtrack full of Sade songs. If I could film it, it would be a dream come true.

We got music for the opening credits:

Music for our hero:

Music for after the first meeting:

Followed by musical cues for the first date (Never As Good as the First Time - reprise?) to various courting scenes leading to the sensuous love scene (Kiss of Life), a relationship (Your Love is King), a break up (Somebody Already Broke My Heart), time apart with only memories (No Ordinary Love), a revelation (Hang Onto Your Love) and end credits (Nothing Can Come Between Us),

Looking at Sade's overall discography, it looks like she's telling a story right there throughout her career.

I don't know if I have a favorite Sade song. I really love jamming to all her albums, especially the ones that really get down deep with love. Very few contemporary artists deal with love songs like they used to back in the day (never thought I'd hear myself say that!), especially like Sade's. Her music videos are an artwork in themselves which scream "elegant and class". While other female artists may like like they've tossed some scraps together and called it clothes, Sade uses her clothes as an accent to her beauty and tells a story that exudes a soft sexy yet subtle mood. Just check out the music video for Kiss of Life.

And the bittersweet fairytale of the music vid 'No Ordinary Love'.

From the heartbreakingly (Pearls) beautiful (Like A Tattoo) to the courageous (Soldier of Love) and honest vulnerability (Is It A Crime), Sade gets deep down into the human spirit. There will be a lot of artists coming and going but Sade will always be my fave female singer of all time and my inspiration. 

Rae Lori, multi-genre Author & Artist of the Ashen Twilight series


  1. Rae - I've always loved Sade! Her music is sensual and unique. And she is absolutely gorgeous - I agree with you there - she has a great style. Certainly great music to write to as well! ;) And nice choices for your soundtrack. Enjoyed your post and the music clips. Cheers!

  2. Great stuff! You've livened up my afternoon editing and I love being introduced to "new" to me artists. I'm amazed how many have escaped my attention before now. And it is fun to "cast" our stories with music, isn't it?

  3. Thanks Joanna!

    Hear hear! Sade is just too awesome. She does have great mood music for writing. Her songs and videos definitely pull you in. :-D

  4. Hey Kathy! Thanks!

    Happy to hear. :-D I love sharing great music and I hope you enjoy Sade's work. I don't know how much time I lost hopping from one video of hers to another while over at Youtube lol.

    I have to agree. It's so fun to cast with music and actors who may play the characters. Brings the story even more to life! :-)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  5. I felt so terrible for Sade when I learned the background of her CD. How awful to lose her husband, but I'm glad she has a creative outlet for her sadness. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for dropping by Cate!

    So true. That reminds me of an article/interview I read sometime ago where Sade mentioned the only time she released an album was when she had something to say. You can tell because her songs have such passion and truth to them.

  7. I had never heard of her, but I definitely love her music. Thanks for sharing, Rae.

  8. My pleasure, Sandy! Always happy to introduce new listeners to Sade's music and I'm so glad you enjoy her work. :-)


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