Fuck Yeah! I'm Writing!

by Joanna D'Angelo

Is it okay to swear here? Well, I just did. Anyway - I'm back on the horse so to speak. Back to writing. And yes - I have been working on my historical romance for a year (on and off - well mostly off). Those lovely characters in my head started reminding me again that they're still around.  They feel like old friends don't they? Even if this book doesn't get published I am compelled to finish the manuscript for no other reason than to say - Yes, I did it!

I get ideas all the time. Not just for myself but for other folks as well. I can be quite annoying when I get an idea that I think would be great for someone else. My e-mail usually starts with "I have a great idea for you". Or "I think this would make a great book for you!". Or something like that.  I know that writers generally can come up with their own ideas but I'm an ideas person. I think that's one of my strengths - or one of my weaknesses if you ask my dear friend Kayla Perrin (we've been collaborating on a TV series for the past year and a half and sometimes Kayla has to pull me back from my tendency to wander and wonder about this or that and what if we change this or that. Okay. Mea Culpa. I just can't help it sometimes.

But getting back to writing. I recently met with two wonderful gals - Vanessa Kelly and Sharon Page both multi-published authors, both are based in Ottawa (where I am) and both have become new contributors to popculturedivas! YAY! Vanessa had a terrific idea of starting a small writing group where we could meet once a month and just brainstorm. And - well - I've never been part of a writing group and I know that many of you have been and are currently in groups and have greatly benefited from that interaction - so I think this is going to be great and I'm really looking forward to it.

And bonus! We're meeting at the Ottawa Bagel Shop on Wellington St.  If you know Ottawa then you know that the best bagels in town can be had at the Bagel Shop. Upstairs is the cafe where they serve breakfast and lunch. It's where all the hipster parents take their little beanie babies on the weekends for brunch and it's where singletons hang out and read the newspaper. Yes, some people still do that. They also have Klezmer music on Sundays. Klezmer music!!! Ahem.

Oh, and I've got a new idea as well for a paranormal. Um. Yup. But no vampires or shapeshifters here. More about real people who experience strange things. Kind of spooky. But also with romantic elements. ;)

So - just wanted to share that with you all. The other popculturedivas always inspire me - when I read your articles and read excerpts of what you're working on - I'm just so excited for you and in wonder over your talents! But I'm also so happy that you're here - writing for this blog and sharing your insight and wisdom and success and struggles and foibles and experiences with this online universe.

Thanks gals!

And there are other people who've inspired me along the way - friends who will always inspire me.  Thank you.

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typewriter: Magic Fly Paula
heart in notebook: Federica Pagano
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  1. Glad you've found something to try and found some people! I have a group who meets to write (rather than critique), and they've been hugely helpful in keeping me moving--as one said, when we get together, I figure I ought to be writing, not checking my e-mail. But the chatting and brainstorming that starts our meetings is so great that now we call ourselves the Brain Trust. ;)

  2. Hi Ann Marie: I love that! The Brain Trust. Great name! I like the idea of brainstorming - it's all part of the process - just throwing ideas. I find it helps me anyway. We spend enough time by ourselves in front of our computer screens- it's nice to interact. ;) Thanks for your comment! Cheers!

  3. Hey, Jo! I'm excited, too. Writing can be an intensely isolating experience, so it's important to build community.

  4. Hey Vanessa: yay! I'm glad - looking forward to working with you and Sharon. :)


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