By Kelly Ann Beaton

I must confess that I feel pretty overwhelmed by what appears to be the increasing number of disasters occurring around the world. From the earthquake in Haiti to the fires in Russia, from the BP oil leakage in the Gulf of Mexico to the floods in Pakistan and China, these seemingly defined natural disasters are more the results of global pursuit to produce and consume.

Increasingly economists are now agreeing with the scientific community that the global consumption race is not sustainable and more importantly will threaten the survival of all who inhabit the earth.

It is good to see that institutional experts are now paying attention, but acknowledgement must be given those who have for decades been the voice for the voiceless and the demise of our environment, the documentary filmmaker.

Documentary filmmakers around the world remind us of our role and responsibility in the demise of our planet. They act as our subconscious. They provoke and remind us of our obligations not only to ourselves and everyone and everything that inhabits our world.

I love documentaries.  To name my favourite documentaries would be too hard, except to say that the National Film Board of Canada’s web site  is one of the best sites to watch some of the greatest documentaries. 

If you want to make a small difference today, I would invite you to watch the internationally award winning interactive film Waterlife (the story of the world's last great supply of fresh drinking water on earth) and unlike Nero who fiddled away his time, while Rome burned, you can take a moment and be inspired to make a small difference in our world.


  1. Hi Kelly: I checked out the website -it looks amazing! The music is gorgeous as well. Thanks for bringing our attention to this film. I've seen the filmmaker's previous film "McLuhan's Wake" (which was terrific as well). Very compelling!

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