Exit Summer, Enter Fall

by Rae Lori

It's fall again! Of course, one wouldn't know it in the Southwest considering the triple digits. Eek! But at least it's nice and chilly enough indoors to match the coming of the cooler season.

As a kid, I was never one for fall. I was a summer girl, enjoying the warm evenings, awesome pools and beaches (I love to swim) and the change from cool to warm once the afternoon came upon us. In California, a 'marine layer' of fog would hang out in the early morning and I always looked forward to seeing it burn off when ti got warm in the afternoon. Then in the evenings, it would cool off again.

But that was before I experienced the desert.

In the movie Away We Go (awesomely funny movie. Check it out, if you haven't already!), the hero describes the Tucson, Arizona as if you have stepped into an oven. Believe me, this is highly accurate!  So I've come to appreciate what fall has to offer.

On the writing end, I'll be holding my novel writing class again this month and we'll be preparing for November's National Novel Writing Month. I may try again this year but I always get distracted with edits or another project that throws me off!

Another reason Fall is cool? October! I don't celebrate any holidays but I love me some of October because of the paranormal fun stuff that happen around this time. Blogs and contests are geared toward paranormal and urban fantasy themes, tv specials feature old classic horror movies like Dracula and Frankenstein and there usually some great marathons that pop up throughout the month along with some specials geared toward the dark speculative end. Last year I posted at PopCultureDivas in October (my how time has zoomed by) and there were tons of great specials showing at TCM, the Chiller Channel and the SF Channel to name a few. I'm looking forward to seeing what pops up this year and will be waiting with my popcorn, candy corn and soda. I'm not brave enough to see Paranormal Activity 2 next month (I love psychological horror but my mind is more imaginative than the visual and what I don't see freaks me out more than what I do see) but I'll wait until video and see if I'm brave enough then!

So how about you guys? Any fellow fall lovers out there? What are you guys looking forward to as we head into the autumn months?

Rae Lori, multi-genre Author & Artist of the Ashen Twilight series


  1. Beautiful blog post. Is it almost fall already?! WoW the summer flew by.

    I LOVE Autumn, because of the same reason. Halloween and all the fun stuff that precedes the holiday.

    And when we lived in the U.K., it always used to mean that Bonfire Night was close. That's another one of my favorite holidays (shame it's not celebrated in the states too -- nothing like a cold night, pretty fireworks and delicious hot foods to keep you warm) The kids love it!

    I bet I enjoy Autumn all the more this year too, since I'm no longer in sub-zero MN! Wheeeeeeeee
    I've heard NC winters are childsplay.

  2. Thanks Jo-Anne! I know, right! I'm still on the beginning of summer myself lol.

    Ooh, Bonfire Night sounds lovely. I love the stars and fireworks under cool nights. And of course, delicious hot foods! Sounds like a great celebration!

    Hope you stay nice and cozy this autumn and winter over there! Another thing I forgot to mention that I really enjoy is lighting candles. I love scented candles and usually stock up so I'm ready to light them when it gets cold. Makes the bathroom more homey and much more cozy!

  3. I just love the fall. But I haven't always done so. I started loving it when I moved to Atlanta. I was fascinated with the beautiful colors of the dogwood trees - everything from browns to vibrant reds. This, for me, was the most beautiful thing. It's not too hot, not too cold, and there is a crispness in the air. What memories! Fall is just not the same here in Malta - for one, we don't have many trees! :)

  4. Oh bummer! No trees. :-( Sounds like here in the Southwest at some places!

    Atlanta sounds beautiful in the fall though. I love the changing of colors (like in the pic) and the places South and East seem to have that distinct change when the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. It's almost like a painting! :-)

  5. Lovely post, Rae!
    Funny, but in mauritius we're angling towards spring! There's this huge maple tree in the private clinic's yard next door and right now its branches are bare. hsortly there will be sprouting new green leaves on it. Also waiting for the temps to get to balmy. We just about froze off this winter!

  6. The fall inspires me. Maryland is full of trees changing colors and crisp fall air. I take a lot of walks in the evenings because the mosquitoes are finally gone by mid September or so. I love, love, love NaNo and already have my idea for this year-though my prep is not much more than a few scribbled notes and character sketches.

    Jo-Anne, you've heard correctly. My parents live down there now and the winters are nothing compared to the ones here, coming from MN you might not notice fall has ended.

  7. I only cook in fall and winter. I have no idea why, but with the turn of the first leaf, I get the bread making urge . . . and then it starts, pastas, rice dishes, cookies as if I could somehow cook the damn cold away. Disturbing, but yummy.

  8. I love fall because that means Halloween is coming..yes I know I am already thinking about Halloween...Can't help it.
    I also love fall because the changing of colors and the air has this smell in it....

  9. Hey Z! Oh, that's right! You guys are opposite of us. So you will be getting the warmer months. Swim time for you guys, woo hoo! :-D

    Glad you guys will get to defrost now. I bet that tree will look gorgeous in a couple of weeks!

  10. Hey June! Thanks for dropping by. :-D

    Ooh you're on the East so you guys get to be in the thick of the seasons changing. I bet it's beautiful there in the fall. I have to agree with the mosquitos. They'll be leaving here soon when it starts getting cooler (yippee).

    Good deal on NaNo! I can't believe how fast it crept upon us this year. At least you have something down to get you started when the time comes!

    I think I may use the time to tackle the last of my series. It'll be great incentive to work amongst some fellow creative types!

  11. Hey Sav!

    I can't blame you one bit because I was thinking of the same thing hehe. Paranormal goodies, dark fantasy, candy corn and classic horror. Can't wait!


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