What is it about a guy wearing a skirt?

We always welcome men here at thepopculturedivas and today is no exception because we have some exceptional men for you to admire thanks to our guest blogger, debut author Christina Phillips who just can't seem to get over her fixation over hot men in kilts and skirts. Um... we'll forgive her though. ;)  Take it away Christina!

Thank you for having me spend time with the pcdivas today, Joanna!

I thought I’d chat a little about a very hot subject – men in kilts. Or, more specifically, hot men in skirts!

My debut ancient historical romance, Forbidden, from Berkley Heat (out now!) isn’t set in the Highlands, but my tough warrior hero, Maximus, a Roman Centurion, does wear a skirt.

So what is it about a guy in a kilt (or a skirt!) that is just so hot and sexy? Is it the muscular calves, the air of supreme masculinity or the secret hope an obliging gust of wind will whip by at an opportune moment? Or is that just me?

There’s no doubt, a sexy Highlander is to die for, but today I’d like to put forward the case for sexy Roman warriors as well! I think there’s definitely room in romance for more heroes in skirts. After all, we’re talking about leather, weapons and ripped physiques here.

And not that I’m biased or anything (even though I am) but Clive Owen was pretty hot in King Arthur. And who can forget Russell Crowe in Gladiator?

Then of course there’s James Purefoy in the BBC series Rome, not to mention the recent Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

If that isn’t enough goodness, Sam Worthington makes a delicious Perseus in the Clash of the Titans remake and even if that isn’t quite Rome I’m more than willing to make exceptions ☺

 And in case anyone is still in doubt that guys in leather skirts aren’t completely drool worthy, I’ll leave you with this vision of manly perfection – Eric, Brad and Orlando showing off their very sexy knees in Troy. Enjoy!

Which actor would you most like to see as a smoky, sexy warrior?

Christina Phillips writes hot ancient historical romance for Berkley Heat. Her debut novel, Forbidden, set during the first century AD, is out now.

Between a warrior and a princess comes an erotic passion as all-consuming as the hatred between their warring worlds…

Website: http://www.christinaphillips.com
Blog: http://christinaphillips.blogspot.com


  1. Hi Christina! Welcome to thePCdivas. And congrats on your debut novel. I agree - there is something about a man in a kilt or skirt. I think my fave in your list has got to be Russell Crowe in Gladiator. Loved him in that movie! I think every other woman in the world did too. :D Cheers!

  2. Hi Christina! Congrats on the debut novel. Very exciting. I must admit Brad Pitt totally did it for me in Troy. He was so buffed out. Yikes. But it wouldn't slay me to see Alexander Skarsgard(sp?) in a skirt. Really wouldn't hurt in the least.

    Good luck!

  3. There is no question what so ever and I think you know my answer. Yes, Oh, God, yes, CLIVE OWEN!!!

  4. Hi Joanna, thanks for having me over today! Russell Crowe was fantastic in Gladiator :-)

  5. Hi Pamela, thanks for the congrats! Brad Pitt is gorgeous but OMG yes, Alexander Skarsgard!! He's just so bad and so hot in True Blood!!

  6. Hey Judith! LOL, I have to agree about Clive Owen, that man is just so smokin'!!!

  7. What a great selection! It's like a testosterone candy store. LOL

    I forgot how wonderful James Purefoy is (I saw someone refer to him as James Puresex one time, and I have to admit it seems to fit! LOL)

    I'll add your book to my TBR list. It sounds great. :)

  8. OMG Donna, James Puresex! how perfect is that!! Thanks so much for your good wishes!!


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