Hot Hollywood Hunks Then And Now

by Michelle Miles

The first sign of old age is having to buy reading glasses. A purchase of which I've recently made. I can't say I'm thrilled about it but I can see the computer monitor much easier these days. Since I've made this new purchase and I'm starting to feel my age, it got me to thinking about my topic for this month. No, it's not about reading glasses but it is about the fact I've noticed all the Hollywood heartthrobs are getting younger and younger for my thirty-ahem-something self.

In my research for this post, I noticed something peculiar. All the Hot Hollywood Hunk articles I found featured men who were under the age of 30. Now, I don't know about you, but for me, since I am of a certain age, I need the men I get all hot and bothered over to be older. Like at least ten plus years older. I like them to have age on their side. Like a fine wine. And experience. I want them to know what they're doing and love doing it. Know what they want and how to get it and - most importantly - not be afraid to go for it. (I should note my current man and almost-husband is nine years older than me...what can I say? I like older men.)

I chose Hollywood heartthrobs from today and yesterday. Here is my top ten picks of Sexy Men Who Can Park Their Slippers Under My Bed Anytime:

10. Brad Pitt. Let's face it, the man can act and he's easy on the eyes so I give him two thumbs WAY up.

9. Cary Grant. Suave and debonaire. The kind of man you want to bring home to Mom and go dancing with. Ballroom dancing. Oh, yeah, baby.

8. Clive Owen. He looks like a bad boy. I like bady boys. *purr*

7. Gary Cooper. Can I polish your boots, Sheriff?

6. Gregory Peck. There's just something about him that's appealing.

5. Humphrey Bogart. Here's looking at you, kid.

4. Orlando Bloom. He's a tad on the young side for me but he's still really good to look at. I'd like to swab his decks for sure.

3. Johnny Depp. I've loved him since 21 Jump Street.

2. Viggo Mortensen. He stole my heart in Lord of the Rings as Aragorn. I love that rugged look!

1. Gerard Butler. Mmmm. From the stud King Leonidas in 300 to sweet husband, Gerry, in P.S. I Love You to his insane character in Law Abiding Citizen, I love watching him on the screen.

Michelle Miles is the author of the Coffee House Chronicles available from Samhain Publishing and Cobblestone Press. She loves movies and men. For more about her and her books, visit her website at


  1. great post Michelle! your posts are always so much fun! ;)

    Ok I agree with everyone on your list - well Brad Pitt doesn't really do it for me though - but i do enjoy him in supporting roles.

    But you missed Richard Armitage from Spooks - the Brit actor - love him!

    From your list - it's Gerry and Clive for the hunk factor and Johnny for the swoony/romantic factor. ;)


  2. I think my list would be in reverse order...with a Clooney and Cruise among the mix.

  3. Michelle, you picked the right men except I would substitute Clint Eastwood (in his younger days) for Gerard Butler.

  4. Great adds, everyone! There were so many. I wanted to add Hugh Jackman and Harrison Ford (in his younger days) too. Hunky hunks. :)

  5. Three cheers to those fine wines. I'll bring the bottles of Pierce Brosnan, Adrian Paul, and Blair Underwood.

    Oh, and the 'stash...Selleck.

  6. I agree with your top 10 list, Sis! I would add Tom Selleck though, he was my hero back in the Magnum PI days. :D Also, there's Harrison Ford (can't believe you didn't have him on there) and way back in the 50's, Clint Eastwood.

  7. Viggo is it, and Orlando (though way too young for me) comes in second. I am true to LOTR!

  8. Miriam - I'm with you! LOVE LOTR!

    Sis - I thought of HF but he just doesn't do it for me these days. I think it's the Calista Flockheart factor. And that damn earring. Ick.

  9. Clive!! I'm going to add the Blond Bond to the list too. Daniel Craig = Too Yummmy.

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  11. johnny depp just doesn't age!!!i really love him for his beautiful face,movies and attitude!!!I ADORE HIM!!!


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