Interview with a Vampire Mob!

By Pamela du Mond:

Hi Divas!

While my .com site for my debut novel, Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys is still under construction, I've been having a blast filming and adding cool videos and fun interviews to my book's Facebook site.

Tonight I had the pleasure of interviewing, Joe Wilson, who created Vampire Mob. VM is the coolest, funniest web series currently playing on the INTERNET. Yes, that would be on your computer. For free.

Vampire Mob is about a handsome Hitman who becomes a Vampire. Hey, maybe it's good for business. Everything's great until he gets hungry and bites his wife. Who then feels sorry for her elderly mom and bites her. Now, the Hitman's Mother-in-Law is moving in... for an eternity.

Joe wrote, cast, location scouted, directed, filmed, edited and promoted his series. He's clever, smart, a great writer, funny, cute, (happily married to a great gal so don't go there,) and has a very cool cat named Mike.

Vampire Mob features actors from Criminal Minds, The Bob Newhart Show, The Simpsons, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Twin Peaks, etc. And then there's Shyla - the dog!

Check out Joe's web series at (By the way - my house is in Episode 6.) Each web episode is only about 4 1/2 minutes.

Joe's under a tight deadline (he has 8 days left - Yikes!) and could use a little help right now to fund Vampire Mob season 2. He's got a Kickstarter page for Vampire Mob. The smallest donation is a dollar. He doesn't make the deadline, the show doesn't get funded - no money out of your pocket.

And while you're at it, check out all the fun stuff on Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys Facebook page. All of the Vampire Mob interviews are up there. (For some reason, I couldn't get Google to load them on this page. This is probably my fault and not Googles, as I am enormously Tech Challenged.

That said, there's plenty of fun stuff on Cupcakes, the book's FB site - (Interviews, Cute stuff, Scary stuff and Cupcakes!) The book's a comedic mystery and will be published this fall, 2010 by Krill Press.

In the meantime, enjoy Vampire Mob by Joe Wilson! It rocks, he rocks.

Thanks Divas! I'd love your feedback. We support creative Indie Writers and Artists!


Pamela DuMond

Feel free to address questions regarding Vampire Mob to Joe Wilson on his website or FB page.


  1. i think it's such a clever premise for a series! i hope it gets a second season. ;)


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