Men in Kilts

Our guest blogger today is author Beth Williams who is writing about a topic that The Pop Culture Divas heartily approve of! Take it away Beth!

Thanks Joanna! Great to be here with The Pop Culture Divas!

Yeah, baby! You heard me. I’m writing today about men in kilts and why they automatically get a +20 in charisma. Why is it that women start foaming at the mouth at the thought? I know when I see a guy in a kilt, I smile. No matter whom it is.… Sean Connery? One of the originals. Ewan McGregor? Dreamy…Gerard Butler? Omg…  Kevin McKidd? Drool worthy...Adrian Paul? Smokin.

Maybe it’s the rugged Highlander fantasy a lot of us are after, or its just knowing what that is under there….or not under there… makes me giddy. Perhaps it’s what we as the American culture has built the Scots up to be – something out of a science fiction movie (There can be only one,) or screaming “Freedom!” right before he gets disemboweled.

They’ve got balls.

Wait, that sounds terrible.
They’ve got strength, power, ambition, and the ability to survive with their junk in the breeze. They’ll stand up for their true love and what they believe in, risk their necks (there can only be one)…all in a kilt.

So many of our heroes are clad in kilts. From the bonny hills of Scotland to the lowlands of England. From New York to California. It’s a worldwide phenomenon. Guys in Kilts just rock.

Heck, in my latest release, DEVIL IN A RED KILT, it’s a mixed martial arts guy named Evan MacDonald from Virginia. See, he, and his wife, Evie, have been married for over a decade and things have gone sour. She’s handed over divorce papers and he refuses to let go.

Not his Evie.

Evan’s been hearing things out in the woods and when he finally goes out to check, he gets sucked back into the 13th century… In a Kilt.

Evie manages to follow, but they aren’t aware the other is there. They’re on opposite sides of the Isle of Skye, and in opposite families who are feuding with each other. Somehow, they have to manage to right their world in the past to make it back to their home in Virginia.
Evan shows his ambition, drive, power, and strength to get back home to his beloved… all in a kilt.

Thanks to JoJo for letting me hang out on the Pop Culture Divas Today. It’s been great.


I'm giving away a copy of DEVIL IN A RED KILT to one commenter who can tell me:

"Who is your favorite guy in a kilt?"

Happy Reading!



Their Happily Ever After
Deserved a Second Chance …

For more than twenty years, Evan and Evie MacDonald were the couple “meant to be.” Their marriage now in tatters, they throw one final family Halloween party to honor Evie’s recently deceased mother. But, as Evan’s hand hovers over divorce papers, the ancient Celtic secrets Evie’s mother always spoke of spring to life.

Transported in flames to thirteenth-century Scotland, Evie and Evan land on opposite sides of the feud raging between Clans MacDonald and McLeod. Dubbed the Red Devil, Evan’s skills as a leader and warrior bring him into the enemy camp—and back to Evie. Now, faced with an ancient evil they never imagined, the two must rekindle the “forever and ever” kind of love they once felt, and bargain for a bit of Fae magic to flip the hourglass right side up again—before time runs out.


  1. Ooh... hot guys in manly clothes fighting for their women. What's not to love? :D

  2. I gotta say for me it's Gerry Butler. Well, he can wear anything and I'd appreciate it. ;) But GB in a kilt? RAWR!

    Fun post Beth! And I love the premise of your book. Sounds like so much fun!

  3. Yes, a man who can do battle with his junk waving in the breeze is definitely impressive. I do love me a good kilt. :)

    This book sounds great!

  4. Alice: I agree :D

    Joanna: I reeeally agree about Gerry. He's dreamy. I have to say I'm tied between (or would love to be tied between :O ) Ewan McGregor and Kevin McKidd.

    Amy: thanks!

  5. No contest, for me if would have to be the Gerard, too. As for the appeal of the kilt, raw confidence is a big turn-on.

  6. Jan isn't it amazing what a bit of confidence does to a guy? :D

  7. Can I vote for the Nac Mac Feegles (aka the Wee Free Men) of Terry Pratchett's Discworld? Not sexy but very, very funny.


  8. My husband! He's a lusty Graham (as you can see by the five daughters later) and wore a kilt to our wedding. Regulation, I may add... ;)

  9. Corie - I have to say I didn't make it that far in the Discworld Series. You can smack me for it. Now I'll have to read them. :D

    Stacey - that's awesome! I wanted my husband to wear a kilt to our wedding. It didn't happen. (not that he's opposed, but it got lost in the shuffle.)

  10. Hubs and the groomsmen wore kilts for our wedding, and he has two men's unbifurcated garments from that place in Seattle ;) that he just loves. I agree it's a confidence thing--not giving a crap what other guys think is very sexy!


  11. My favorite man in a kilt was Vin Diesel. Granted it was a leather kilt, but what a kilt it was. Swoon!

  12. Ooooh, Michelle, I know exactly which one you're talking about! Verra nice. lol

  13. Clovia, that's awesome! I'm wanting to have a 10 year anniversary shindig (hootenanny?) - maybe I can get the guys to wear them. hee.

  14. Can I go with any hot guy in a kilt? I'd love to see Edward Norton in a kilt.. Good lawd.

  15. I am wondering the same thing. He is my kryptonite..

  16. The Nac Mac Feegles are more prominent in Terry Pratchett's Discworld kids book series (start with "The Wee Free Men") although they do show up in "Carpe Jugulum".

  17. Loved your post, Beth - you've got all my favorite guys on display today, in my favorite thing. The kilt!

    Gerard Butler's leather kilt + pink sweater is the winner, hands down. Who could ever top that?

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  19. i have to say brenda joyces the masters of time, men are the hottest hunky highlander men in kilts ever!!!!!!! heatherpie

  20. Okay, I'm really late in my comments,but David Tennant...


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