My Supernatural Obsession

by Julia Smith

Last March, former Diva Kathryn Smith posted about one of her favorite shows, Supernatural:

Good vs Evil in a Pretty, Pretty Package

At the time, I was still resisting this series because I knew that once I started watching it, I would lose all interest in everything else.

Do I know myself, or do I know myself?

As a reward for some hard revisions, I started watching season 1 of Supernatural with my husband and my dog (who is a big fan, by the way.) We're now up to season 4, watching at least one episode every evening, having Supernatural marathons on the weekends.

The latest season - 6 - just started up on the CW network in the US, and on Space in Canada. Even though I'm jumping the gun a little, I watched this season's debut episode even while still catching up on the previous two seasons.

There is no way I can get enough of older demon-hunting brother Dean Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles.

But younger co-hunting brother Sam Winchester, played by Jared Padalecki owns another good-sized piece of my heart.

The producers of this show struck gold when they cast these two actors as brothers. Though a big draw for this series is the no-holds-barred scariness factor - pretty unnerving for TV - the real heart of Supernatural is the family dynamics storyline.

Over the course of the show, there is no shortage of self-sacrifice on the part of both brothers as they fight to keep innocent people from the clutches of paranormal predators. The stakes become as elemental as you can get - good, evil, angels, demons, heaven, hell, and everything in between.

Though the series is a drama, the chemistry between Ackles and Padalecki make for some hilarious moments. Here is a compilation clip from You Tube that perfectly captures the relationship between Dean and Sam:

But of course my favorite parts are the emotional scenes like this one:

CLICK HERE to watch clip

The reason I love watching a series like Supernatural all at once is the ability to see the story arcs play out across each season. I really admire the writing on this show. It plays more like British TV where no piece of dialogue is ever wasted.

If you've never caught Supernatural before, October is a perfect month to cozy up on the couch and rent some box sets. I promise I'll return mine as soon as I'm done...


  1. Ok here's the thing - the eps that I've watched I've really liked and for a while I was getting into the show - but by golly it's tough to get to all these great shows! Thank God for syndication. That's when I start to watch stuff that I missed. I have a thing about DVD boxes sets. Ugh! too much work. Anyway - I think it's a great show - and I can see why it's still around - the fact that those guys are super hunky is a bonus! :D

  2. My husband and son are really into this one. I've watched a few episodes, and I love the hunky Dean, but it's not show I watch. Don't mind reading this sort of story, just don't like watching them. Yah, call me a whimp--the guys do, lolol!

  3. I've never seen this show but enjoyed the clips. Thanks, Julia! Although the last thing I need is to be hooked to more tv.

  4. I've only seen clips here and there but I've liked what I've seen. Maybe I'll pick up the eps at the library and check them out from the beginning.

  5. I started watching this in the first season and really liked it, but trailed off in the second. Not because I didn't like it, but - as Jo said - there's too much stuff to watch! Plus, dh is not a fan of sci fi or supernatural shows. But I think I'm going to have to start getting the DVDs and watching again.

    And, man! Those guys are cute!

  6. Joanna - Super hunky and then some...! Just watching them is good for a feminine power boost. They definitely make me glad I'm a woman.

    Sia - My mom couldn't get past the first episode - she was too freaked out by what happened to their mom. And yet she reads paranormal books as you do.

    Bev - Glad you enjoyed the clips. I couldn't find any scenes with the really scary stuff in them. But rest assured those scenes live up to the creepy hype. If you remember Bob from Twin Peaks, you'll get an idea of the level of yikes.

    Kelly - These guys will probably inspire a character or two, I'm thinking...

    Vanessa - They shouldn't be legal!

  7. These guys are yummy, Julia! I try to avoid getting into series TV, because I get obsessed like you do, but I may have to dip my toes into this one.


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