Treats and Films for Halloween Enthusiasts

By Murissa Shalapata

This past weekend I was dragged into the movie theatre and forced to watch the sequel to a set of films that feels more like a theme park ride than a film. Paranormal Activity (both 1 & 2) felt more like walking through a haunted house waiting for the middle-aged man in a clown mask to pop out of no where than anything that could ever amount to a classic horror film. I admit I was scared and I am sure the nightmares are to come for the next week. I was told that the film succeeded if I jumped at the loud noise that thundered over the speakers or closed my eyes (and peaked through my fingers) while a man's neck was suddenly snapped or something levitated. But I question what they meant by the film was successful? Yes, it scared me but as I said, I could go to a haunted house at the PNE fair in Vancouver (now equipped with 3D effects) if I wanted to be scared in such a way. I go to the movies to immerse myself in cinema and the fictive world presented, not to burry my face in my hands. What has happened to the horror films of yester-year? Well, this Halloween I am going to revisit my top 5 classic films that are horror or just inspire an excitement for Halloween, directors, screenplays and actors who did it right, matched with themed recipes that will inspire any Halloween enthusiast! I encourage you to suggest your own!

Much better than the later version of 1957 where the monster is more of a joke than classic but then again the appearance of Frankenstein verges on the strange or odd and not particularly scary. You can even watch the entire film from 1931 on youtube if you can't find it at your local video store. A perfect movie to watch while baking a Martha Stewart inspired Halloween recipe, like Snake Cake with Venom Glaze. If you aren't one for a black and white film then I do recommend the 1994 version by Kenneth Branagh with Helena Bonham-Carter and Robert De Niro. This one is slightly more accurate to the book by Mary Shelley which is a great read for Halloween as well!
How could it be Halloween without Tim Burton. Any of his films would be a perfect pairing with Halloween! Written by Tim Burton but directed by Henry Selick, this is one of my all time favourite films that feature great music that I have on my iPod during this time of year, a great soundtrack to play at a Halloween party. The characters are so much fun I just have to watch it at least once a year. With this I would suggest I Scream Sandwitches.
3. Vincent (1982)
While we are on the topic of Tim Burton I must spread the word about the fun short film he created which is available on youtube. I wish he would have featured this on the DVD of The Nightmare Before Christmas as it is so similar in style. It is narrated by Vincent Price and is so eerie and fun! This short film is slightly more grown up so how about a Bleeding Heart Martini. Believe it or not Martha knows her booze!

One Halloween I found this film playing on the TCM channel and for some reason I was captivated by it. It is a film based on the story by Edgar Allan Poe who wrote great gothic tales. Vincent Price is featured in this one as well, and many others, perhaps all other stories of Poe made into film. This features the classic picture eyes following the viewer, hidden passages, a haunted castle and to me this is an ideal classic. Have another martini and sit back with a Morbid Miniature French Onion Soup along with it.

I am sure you were expecting The Exorcist or even Psycho but I really gotta go with my personal favourites on this one and I haven't seen a good Vampire movie since. Move over Twilight! This is such a great film with iconic actors who pull it off so well. I must admit the book is riveting as well. This is a great movie to come home to after trick or treating or handing out candy or a drunken escapade at the bowling alley. Enjoy this classic Vampire film with a Ghost of Monte Cristo Sandwich with a hot cup of tea or a cappuccino.

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Happy Halloween!


  1. fun post Murissa! your top list mirrors mine! ;D

    I love the Edgar Allan Poe films that Roger Corman made with Vincent Price - so good! I hope they'll be on TV again this year.


  2. Great post. I've just joined your group and wanted to introduce myself. This looks like a great site.

    I'm not a big fan of horror movies. I do like the original Franenstein though and Lon Chaney in the Wolfman. I can't watch vampire movies or read vampire books because vamps scare me. I like Vincent Price movies. He was great.

    I love movies and TV and I'm going to enjoy blogging about them.

    Carolyn/Cara Marsi


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