Blog Blast For Peace - One Woman's Quest to Change the World

by Julia Smith

Did you ever feel that your efforts wouldn't amount to much? That big ticket items like World Peace were somehow out of your league, let alone clearing the mystery meat out of the back of the refridgerator?

Well - let me introduce you to Mimi Lenox, a blogger from the American southeast. Mimi turned a personal connection to a blue marble into a world wide peace movement.

Her beloved grandfather shaped homemade marbles once upon a time, that years later now sit in a wooden bowl in Mimi's home.

The blue marble reminded her of a globe of the world.

Today, Mimi collects Peace Globes, or banners made by bloggers around the world to celebrate her incredible event:

Blog Blast For Peace

Yesterday, Nov. 4th was the official day to fly the peace globes, but it's such a big event that it's not too late to join in over the weekend. If you CLICK on the link and scroll down, you can sign the Mr. Linky and share your thoughts about peace with a world of bloggers.

Here's the Peace Globe (above) which I made for this year.

CLICK HERE to see the Peace Globe Gallery I assembled from some of my favorites from two years ago.

This is the sort of discovery I love about visiting other peace bloggers. Check out the lovely knitted Peace Globe that Goodnightgram created for the event.

Or this temporary art installation for a previous Blog Blast by Dawn @ Twisted Sister.

Bloggers share songs from You Tube, poetry and quotes about peace. Bloggers compose thoughful posts about peace. It's an amazing journey through a world of hope, intention and action.

You can connect with Mimi through Facebook or Twitter as well as through her blog, Mimi Writes.

I've made quite a few close blog friends through this event, and look forward to it all year long. You can check out what I had to say on the subject of surrender for this year's peace post.

So when you find yourself wondering if it's all worth it, or does anything ever really amount to anything - just remember Mimi Lenox, a blue handmade marble and a worldwide peace movement.

One person most definitely can make a difference. Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.


  1. That's lovely Julia. I like the ideas behind the whole thing and will definitly be joining you next year with the Blog Blast. Imagine what the world could accomplish if we could quit fighting on a global scale.


  2. Wonderful post, Julia. I stared at the stones on the beach for a long time. Simply exquisite.

  3. Super post, and a great idea to explain some background to the Peace Globe Movement. Very nice!

    Hello from an old cat in Hollydale :-)

  4. Wonderful post! Mimi has managed to orchestrate quite the Peace choir hasn't she?


  5. That really was very nice, it is amazing all the lovely sentiment, I hope everyone takes it to heart. May peace follow you today and every day!

  6. I found you from Dona Nobis Pacem. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!

  7. Hi Julia, this is my first visit to your's a great place to be!

    I like your post here encouraging folks to keep on posting this weekend...good idea!

    Peace to a fellow worker bee x

  8. I love the images. The power of the individual is amazing.

  9. Beautiful post and great Peace Globe, Julia! I also very much liked the soothing stones....:)

  10. Julia,

    Seeing the picture of the marbles in the bowl on your site and seeing them right here with me in real time right now beside me was....uh....a little surreal. Holding the blue one in my hand and wondering if my grandfather knew all those years ago what he had birthed.
    But of course, I know the answer to that one. Don't you?

    One voice added to another voice added to another voice added to another....

    Thank you for reminding me that this choir of mine has grown into a symphony. Each voice is beautiful indeed.

    Love to you,

  11. Julia - once again you bring beauty and wonder to our little corner of the blogosphere. Inspiring!

  12. Thank you for posting this. What a wonderful idea-peace globes.

    Carolyn/Cara Marsi

  13. Your peace post is now linked in my blog: Peace Bloggers Unite

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