Enchanted Spaces

By Morgan Karpiel
There are some enchanted places that call to our imaginations, places created by artists, writers, dreamers. Wherever we find them, we recognize something both alien and familiar. While we may stare in wonder at a temple that forms the backdrop of our favorite movies, or smile at the image of a cottage from our favorite books, nothing can compare with finding a bit of whimsy in the real world.

Imagine a cabin in the deep forest, surrounded by trees, sculptures and water fountains.

Now imagine walking into this cabin, to be greeted by the smell of rich food and mulled wine.

Maybe a little steampunk here and there, but most of the things here cannot be classified.

And, as you leave, you notice the rocket in the backyard, and the cat, who is always watching.

A very pleasant afternoon for a writer. A little whimsy, and a little inspiration for a story, provided by Artist: Bory Mis.


  1. Morgan - I always love your posts! Is that toilet seat made of crystal?


  2. Beautiful pictures. And so inspirational. Thank you.


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