Santa Spoilers! Do Not Read Further if You Still Believe...

By Pamela DuMond


ATTENTION! Santa Spoilers... Do Not Read Further if You Still Believe...

In the meantime, please check out some photos of my new boyfriend, David Gandy.

Ho-Hum. I know.

This is when we were frolicking while on va-ca. Still thinking about Santa? Okay, watch this.

Finally! Hey Divas, I distracted all those Santa Believers and now we shall continue with our Holiday Wrap-Up.

2010 has certainly had its share of ups and downs for me. Overall more ups than downs so far, knock on wood immediately. Thought I'd share some of my best and worst Christmas memories.

Best Christmas Present Ever:
When I was sixteen my dad take me shopping to pick out my own Christmas gifts. Since dad couldn't be too much of a push-over, he stipulated I couldn't open my presents until Christmas Eve and then I had to pretend I didn't know what was in the box. (Hello, Marshmello.)

Worst Christmas Present Ever:
When I was five years old my older brother laughed at me and said, "You really think some fat guy with long white hair in a tight red outfit squeezes down our chimney and leaves your presents under that tree? It's mom and dad, dummy. There is no Santa." Thanks for busting my first illusion, Dude.

Best Revenge Christmas Present Ever:
When I was 26 years old my boyfriend bought me the Most. Hideous. Expensive. Sweater. When he broke up with me the day after Christmas, I returned the sweater and bought a top of the line, pricey video player. Sweet!

Best Newer Christmas Song:
Written and originally recorded by Mariah Carey. But I adore the version sung by Olivia Olson on Love Actually soundtrack.

Worst Christmas Song:
Wonderful ChristmasTime, by Paul McCartney. Blech! What was he thinking? I guess we must forgive Paul. He was the cutest Beatle, after all.

Christmas Song that Always Makes Me Cry:
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, by Judy Garland.

Favorite Old Christmas Movie:
It's A Wonderful Life
ZuZu's Petals. Really. Need I say more?

Favorite Newer Christmas Movie:
While You Were Sleeping
Yes, I'm pushing the age envelope here. But, in my mind, this is the best holiday movie in the last twenty years.

Favorite Much Newer Christmas Movie:
Love, Actually
Okay. Now you know I'm a complete love dork. I adored this movie. Watch it over and over. And still cry at the spots when I'm supposed to. Damn you, Richard Curtis, fabulous writer!

Enough said!

Have some merry, have some light. Say prayers for those who aren't with us anymore. Drive safe. God bless, and have a wonderful new year in 2011.

Thanks for letting me be part of The Pop Culture Divas.

With gratitude,

Pam DuMond


  1. Pam - i love your posts! And this one is no exception. Great list! I love "While You Were Sleeping" as well - i enjoy watching it every year. That and Bridget Jones's Diary.


    Have a Wonderful Christmas!

  2. Great list, Pam! Loved your story about shopping with your dad for your own gifts (every 16 yo's dream!). I'm with you on a lot of your choices, but especially Judy Garland's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Makes me cry, too!

  3. Thanks Joanna and Laurie!

    Yeah, Dad was pretty special.


    Have yourselves a great holiday.



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