Top Five Reasons I'm Going to Miss Watching Medium

by Chiron O'Keefe

Two networks, five years, seven seasons and 125 episodes later, the not-quite-a-hit show, Medium is giving up the ghost.

Hmmm. Do you think psychic, Allison Dubois saw it coming?

I became a reluctant viewer when my hair stylist raved about the series and persuaded me to give it a try. It's corny, it's cheesy, it's irresistible snack-food television. Empty calories, hydrogenated oily charm, and just enough flavor enhancer to make me believe I'm watching a real show.

My husband bitches, whines and groans through each episode, which now that I think about it, reminds me of the main character, Allison Dubois, played with scenery-chewing fervor by Patricia Arquette. Can't really blame her. The scripts are deliciously bizarre which leads me to…

Reason Number One: Crazy-ass story-lines!

Allison switches bodies with a man in a coma, who rambles up to the family home clothed in a hospital gown!

She switches bodies with bratty middle child, Bridgette!

She falls into Zombie Land! She channels psycho killers and screaming victims! Yet even though mild-mannered…er…manic-depressive housewife/D.A. consultant usually comes off as a screaming lunatic, her dreams don't lie. She earnestly defends her psychic visions no matter how freaking ridiculous. Ah, but those visions do seem a little far-fetched which is why…

Reason Number Two:

District Attorney Manuel Devalos, gruff Detective Lee Scanlon or devoted husband Joe Dubois will always doubt her. That's right. The lady's been spouting off for half a decade with an accuracy that led to her becoming an official paid member of the team. But each episode requires proof that her dream visions are real.

D.A. "Manny" Devalos will look appropriately grim and say something like, "Allison, I want to believe you." (heavy sigh) "But surely you can see the difficult position I'm in." Or he'll shake his head and say, "Maybe you're right, Allison. Maybe the fire chief and local hero is a contract killer, but what can I do? My hands are tied. Without proof, what can I do?"

Um, excuse me, Manny, but isn't that your job? Isn't that why you have a freaking police force at your disposal? You get the proof. Jeez, it's not like the woman has ever gotten a full night's sleep, after all. Which leads to…

Reason Number Three:

Joe Dubois. Played by the yummy Jake Weber (former joint roller for the Rolling Stones). The ever-so-patient hubby who puts up with his high-maintenance psychic wife's creepy transformations and continual nightmares.

I'm surprised she hasn't yet dreamt of her own death at the hands of her sleep deprived hubby.

Since Allison wakes him constantly, Joe is often seen wearing boxer shorts and a t-shirt, getting into heated arguments with his wife in the middle of the night. But… but… the children are sleeping! How can they argue without waking the whole family?

Reason Number Four:

The classic whispered argument.

I have to admit, I love it. It's so predictable that it could practically be a drinking game. Each week, these two will battle it out in loud stage whispers. Sometimes even when their children (who surprisingly haven't turned to drugs yet) are sleeping peacefully between them in bed.

Reason Number Five:

The family drama.

Interspersed with the insane murderers hacking their victims to bloody bits are serious issues. Ariel has a crush on a boy! Who (thanks to crazy mama's dream visions) just might be a maniacal killer! What's a mother to do?

Ah, Medium. You will be missed. Are there any Medium fans out there? Or perhaps there's another show that has the same silliness factor? Do share!

--Chiron O'Keefe

Chiron experienced her first lucid dream at the age ten, luckily without involving any serial killers or screeching victims. Friend her on Facebook.


  1. "She channels psycho killers and screaming victims! " LOVE IT!

    Chiron - i love Medium - one of the shows i adore watching - and you have it bang on. Hilarious post.

    I really will miss their whispered arguments in the middle of the night - and seeing adorable Jake Weber in his t-shirts and boxers. :( Have you noticed how much more beefy he is now than in season one? ;)

    Well, they had a good run.

    Incidentally - i think "2 and Half Men" sucks.

  2. Hey there Jo!

    Hah! Thanks, I couldn't resist. A lament, a tribute and a roast all at once.

    And yes, Jake took his t-shirt and boxer shorts requirement very seriously. *grin* He looks incredible now!

    They did have a good run. In true "Medium" fashion the show died, then came back to die once more. ;-P

    And you're right, 2 and a half men sucks. *snort*

    Thanks for reading!!

  3. Psychics and mediums are so NOT my thing but you made this sound absolutely hilarious! But that's because you're just so darn clever and funny yourself! Love it, Chiron!

  4. I don't watch much TV, but this blog was terrific!!!!

  5. Hi Chiron. You have me laughing at the post even though I've never watched Medium all the way through. I plan some day to catch it in syndication, and now when I do, I'll be laughing twice as hard remembering all the things you talked about!

  6. Hi Kathy!

    Thanks so much! *laughs* Although I do enjoy police dramas, I was pretty reluctant to watch this show (which explains why my hair stylist had to persuade me) but the craziness is pretty entertaining.

    Glad you stopped by!!

  7. Hi Tess!

    Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it.


  8. Hi Misty!

    Thanks so much! I love the show even though I have to twist hubby's arm to get him to watch it with me. *laughs* If you have Netflix, you can get each season on DVD which also means no commercials. That's how I caught up with The Office when I finally started watching it three seasons in.

    I wish I could be there with you when you suddenly shout out (much to the family's shock): "Reason Number Three!!!!"


  9. Chiron, oh man! You hit this dead on. Hubby watches with me sometimes, and goes "huh??". The husband is my favorite part, although it's usually hilarious when the kids channel too. I'll miss it.
    gina b

  10. Hi Gina!

    Yeah, hubby just doesn't understand why I love the show. It's just the perfect Snack TV! James on FB reminded me of the kids channeling. Remember Bridgette's monkey-toon dreams? Too cool!

    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment!

  11. Hi Chiron, I've never watched the show, but they filmed at my kids' middle school all the time! Always wondered what kinds of scenes they were filming for that show at our school - maybe the show kids' school or something?

  12. Hi Chiron,
    I enjoyed the pictures and reading about this show. I admit, it wasn't one I watched, but I did enjoy reading why you enjoyed it. love, Cathy

  13. I too love this show and for all the reasons you stated so hilariously, Chiron! I would add one more reason--there is absolutely nothing else on Friday nights. :)
    Oh, and I also thought Scanlon was yummy.
    How did Alison function with so little sleep?

  14. Hi Carol!

    The show did film quite a bit at a school for scenes including two of the daughters. So it was at your kid's school? How cool! Any local children there get work as extras?

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  15. Hi Cathy!

    Thanks loads for stopping by. Glad you liked the blog!! *grin* You're a treasure!

  16. Hi Ree/Anonymous!

    Thanks for the heads up so I knew who wrote that one. *grin*

    Apparently moving it to Friday was the final arrow in the corpse. *sigh* But like you, I WANT things shows on Friday nights. Blue Bloods is pretty good but I record that one.

    And yes, Scanlon is yummy too! I based Slate on him. :-D

    How DOES Allison (and constantly awakened Joe) function with so little sleep? Hah!

    Thanks for jumping in, Ree!!

  17. 'Joe Dubois. Played by the yummy Jake Weber (former joint roller for the Rolling Stones)' - LOL! I agree - very yummy.

    'The classic whispered argument. I have to admit, I love it. It's so predictable that it could practically be a drinking game.' - LOL! I'm sure that series writers find out through audience feedback what their favorite scenes are, and then set up a rhythm that gives the weekly audience a sense of familiarity. A classic whispered argument definitely appeals to all the parents out there who think they're the only ones to have to do the same thing.

    Loved your post, Chiron! I'm an occasional 'Medium' watcher and I love it for all the reasons you've brought up here.

  18. Hi Julia!

    Jake really IS yummy, isn't he? My husband read that and said, "Really? He's yummy?"

    *laughs* Yup.

    That's actually a good point about the writers basing scenes on reader feedback. I never thought about that!! I can just see the director coming in and saying, "Good news, Jake. The viewers love to see you in your boxer shorts!" LOL

    As JoJo pointed out, Jake got much more toned after that. HAH!! ;-P

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear!

  19. Okay - haven't been watching it, but will definitely watch the DVD. Thanks for a great post, Chiron!

  20. A fun-filled post, Chiron. I really like Jake Weber.

    It gave me a new appreciation for Medium, which I always thought was a dumb show.

    I don't like Two and a Half Men either. Possibly, because I can't stand Charley Sheen. Smile.

  21. Hey Pamela!

    So sorry I missed this comment. Jeez-Louise, not sure how that happened. Thanks so much for stopping by to read. Have you gotten the DVDs? Tell me what you think!!


  22. Hi Sandy!

    Glad you've got a new appreciation for the show. :-) I'm not able to watch 2 and half men either. Charlie Sheen is a bit much. *sigh* Just read his latest and hope he manages to Get A Grip someday!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it! I'm a big Jake Weber fan too.


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