Top Five Reasons NOT to get stressed-out at Christmas

By Elysabeth Williams


5. Spending time with friends and family shouldn’t be a chore. I say shouldn’t because we all have that one sister/brother/cousin/uncle that says bizarre and evil things over a handful of rum balls. This shouldn’t be a chore, these things should be cherished and remembered for next year when you can say, “Hey, remember last year when Uncle Saul accidentally addressed Aunt Selma’s edible undies to Grandma?”

4. The food is good. And if it’s not good, fix something you like. Traditions are great, but just because you spent 8 hours cooking that completely frozen turkey and it’s still frozen doesn’t mean you’ve ruined Christmas. There’s always something else will be just as good. And if you did happen to spend 8 hours cooking a dinner, remember, it takes 16 minutes for people to eat. The pay off really isn’t worth the stress. Who cares if Stouffer’s is the main course? Just remember the rum balls ☺

3. The Christmas movie releases are fun. So you’ve spent eight hours cooking a frozen turkey, Grandma Ethel embarrassed the entire family by chewing up edible undies that Uncle Saul accidentally gave her, and there’s nothing left on television but football. The lasagna was devoured in record time  and everyone’s passed out. The movies are open – and usually great movies come out on Christmas… and they have nachos!

2. The Christmas lights: While you’re out and about going to the movies you can always see the Christmas lights. It’s always a joy to see those wonderful blinky red, green, and blue lights that light the cold night air. Happy Santas and snowmen waiving joyfully from outside the houses, thanking various gods they aren’t inside with the snoring masses… Above all, it’s nice to remember it’s their light bill, not yours.

1. And the best reason not to get stressed out for Christmas -- it only lasts 24 hours ☺


  1. Fun post Elysabeth! ;) I agree - Christmas can be fun - doesn't have to be a big stressful event. Although the cooking - always gets me stressed- because i tend to plan too much to do. This year I'm going to simplify.

    Hope you have a Merry One~

  2. You too, Jojo! I think all the cozy commercials make us think we HAVE to do big and crazy. It's all about being together and having a good time. No need to make yourself crazy in the process.

  3. You make some good points Elysabeth! Keeping them in mind should help me enjoy the day.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Lol. I agree on the lights, pretty to look at. So glad it's not my bill AND me and mine didn't have to climb all over the house/untangle lights/change bulbs to enjoy them. *nods*

  5. I am all for a Stouffer's Christmas dinner and going to the movies is one of my absolute favorite things to do on Christmas day! ;)

  6. As a pal says, "I will never want for [writing] material as long as I stay in touch with my family."

    Jojo, I plan too much too but don't stress about not doing it--there are a few things that are essentials, and the rest will be fun if we get to it.


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