TV Dating Shows

by Kathy Holmes

Okay, so it's week 3 of this season's The Bachelor and, yes, it is a pleasure I don't feel guilty about. I call it "research" - lol! So I thought my post for PCD this month would be about those TV dating shows.

Naturally, the first one that came to mind was The Dating Game with Jim Lange. I was just a teeny tiny little kid (yeah, right) when I used to watch the show on TV, dreaming of my future dates I hoped to have. I was really excited about the dates with actors. Check out this video of Michael Jackson on the original The Dating Game.

And then there was Arnold Schwarzeneggar on The New Dating Game:

The next dating show I remember was The Love Connection with Chuck Woollery - and didn't most of the women wish they were going out with him instead of their lame dates? Chuck appeared to be so suave, but in reality, he's a simple guy from Kentucky who'd rather go out for hot dogs than the finest restaurants - or so he says. I'm not sure I believe that since he's married to David Nelson's stepdaughter. lol! But as much as we all loved Chuck ("be back in 2 and 2"), we didn't get to actually see the couples on their dates - we just heard about them.

With the Bachelor/Bachelorette, it got a little more exciting. Not only did we get to experience the dates as if we were actually on the dates, we got to witness the whole selection process, complete with tears, drama, and broken hearts. Sometimes there was even a happy ending. This is my favorite couple from The Bachelorette:

And then there's my guilty pleasure - or maybe pleasure is too strong of a word for it - I can't make up my mind if I love this show or hate it but I often watch it while eating lunch. But the millionaires seem too self-absorbed and totally messed up and I rarely agree with Patti's advice. Is this dating today? Oh boy, we're in trouble.

So, what are your favorite dating shows?

Kathy Holmes
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  1. Kathy

    I have never seen The Bachelor, but I remember The Dating Game. Watched it all the time. And I wasn't a teeny tiny kid when it was on. I also watched the Love Connection. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. Hey, thanks, Cara. Those clips were fun to peek into again. I know with each season of "The Bachelor" many swear off watching it ever again but many of us can't resist peeking in.

    Anybody wanna weigh in on this season?

  3. There is just something about these dating shows! We root for our favourites but deep down we know it's pure, sugary fantasy! Fun post! I didn't know about MJ on The Dating Game!


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