Books or TV?

Books or TV?

When you've got thirty minutes left at the end of the night, where do you tend to spend it? In front of the TV or with a book/ereader on your lap? Or do you multi-task and do both? :)

I have my own confession to make...I haven't watched TV in months. Apart from the half hour I caught of American Idol last week, I just haven't had the chance to kick my feet up and grab the remote since pre-summer 2010. I used to read a lot of celebrity magazines like US Weekly and People, but I haven't touched one of those in months either.

While there's no question that I've been busy with writing books and kids and life, the truth is I really fell back in love with books in the past year. Ever since I bought my kindle, actually.

Boy, was that some craziness when I first started downloading ebooks - on the order of about one a day. Sure, some of them were shorter books, but it wasn't until I got my credit card bill that I realized just how many books I'd purchased. What, me? Guilty?

No way.

Books are something I try to never feel guilty about buying. We have books all over the house and my kids always see me reading. It makes me feel good to know that if there's a book lying around in the house or car, my kids will almost always pick it up and start thumbing through it. Plus, as a writer I find that the more great books I read, the more inspired I am while writing my own.

How many of you received an e-reader for the holidays this year? I'd love to know which one and how you're liking it? And what books are you buying for it?

:) Bella

Btw - I can't believe I almost forgot to mention - I'm giving away a Color Nook on February 1st! Sign up details are at

p.s. I need to amend this blog to say that I just finished watching CASTLE tonight and it was FANTASTIC! Loved some of the lines...and omg, that!


  1. I try and give myself an hour to read just before bed. Apart from ensuring I can actually get through that mountain of books I've got to read, it helps switch my mind off from the day. Of course, the hour is shrinking to less because there's so much to do these days!

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  3. Great post Bella!

    I have to confess that I usually read as I watch TV. However if there is nothing that interest me and I have time I prefer to read.

    I bought my first ereader around 2003, but had been reading ebooks long before then. I just read them on my computer. However last year I happily bought a Kobo and have been reading tons on it over the past few months. I am still reading print books as well since I have a huge to be read which I'm working my way through.

    As for CASTLE it was a really good show last night. I had heard about the kiss, but have to admit it - it was hot. I can't wait until next week.

  4. CL - Even when I'm late getting to bed, I always have to read a few pages. LIke you, it helps switch me off before falling asleep.

    Leeann - I also read a ton of print. :)I just think my reading has gone up and up and up with throwing ebooks into the mix, not that I'm reading much less print.

    :) Bella

  5. I still haven't bought an e-reader yet - but in preparation i've donated a ton of books to charity - really the clutter was getting out of hand -

    i love e-readers - really we'll all be using them soon enough - i also love the tactile feeling of holding a book in my hand - but e-readers are the way to go.

    Still not sure which one to get though - that's the dilemma! ;)



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