A Look at the Past Two Decades

by Rae Lori

2011 hasn't been very kind to me. On New Years Day my computer blew out. I've gotten a bit behind on some of my projects and things on my to do list. Hopefully things will start looking up but I thought I would write a cheery inspirational post rather than lament the demise of my cpu buddy. (Tear)

As I near the big 3-0, I kept thinking about all the things that will be changing and all the things I don't want to change. My inner kid is trapped somewhere in the 80s and 90s like Marty McFly in the Delorean. I still love video games, graphic novels and superheroes. At the same time, I love big alpha heroes, losing myself in nature and being the handler of my own writing and graphics business.

As we enter a new decade, I wanted to take a look back on my fave songs that defined a decade for me and still zip me back to a time when I was a carefree kid growing up.

Top Faves

Sade - It's tough to pick just one Sade because I love all her works but The Sweetest Taboo will always be the quintessential Sade single.

Michael Jackson - Practically all of MJ's tunes are on my fave's list and I have a doozy of a time picking just one so I'll pick the one song that has my fave video: Remember the Time.

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Breathe - Hands to Heaven

Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams

Human League - Human

Spandau Ballet - True

Spice Girls - 2 Become 1

I care not what anybody says. I loved the Spice Girls! My faves were Posh and Scary. ;-)

More Faves

1) Would It Be Good by Danny Hutton Hitters - From the Pretty in Pink soundtrack, this song reminds me of the movie and how much I wanted to be like Molly Ringwald making my own clothes, paving my own way and ultimately getting the hunky popular guy with a heart of gold. Not to mention being best buds with a wild and crazy Annie Potts kind of gal who owned a spiffy record store. ;-)

2) Crush On You By The Jets
Ah the 80s. A time when kids can be innocent kids and not tabloid fodder for drugs and sexacapades. A time of slumber parties and just having fun. All of this was embodied in songs by The Jets, a family of young, talented singers. I had some major crushes in my day and this song always reminds me about the early sparks of young love. :-) I also love 'Make It Real' by them as well.

3) Escapade by Janet Jackson. Janet has always been a fave of mine since she premiered in the 80s. I loved just about everything she did and I remember trying to emulate her energetic dance moves. Escapade for some reason always reminded me of Disneyland. My family and I went every year and I may have heard this song in the Tomorrowland courtyard in between the parades. Nevertheless, hearing it always reminds me that sometimes you just have to let loose and have fun. :-)

4) Into the Groove by Madonna
Like Janet, I have a hard time picking just one hit from this 80s icon because ther are so many goodies to choose from. This song is just one of many that is my fave and defines the decade.

5) Can You Stand the Rain by New Edition
Oh man did I love this group! From Cool It Now (I think I still have the mini record single with the yellow cover somewhere) to Candy Girl and beyond, New Edition was among my fave groups from the 80s on into the 90s. Great catchy songs that always reminded me of my current crush at the time. :-)

6) Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega
For the longest time this was my fave song because of the catchy, infectious 90s beats and Vega's smooth voice.

7) Keep on Moving by Soul II Soul

This is one of the many groups I missed from the 90s when there were a lot of talented groups coming out the woodwork. They sang of such inspiration and diversity and really sprang through the charts on talent.

8) Summertime  By Will Smith
Long before he was the largest grossing action movie star, he was a fresh prince who spun beats with his buddy Jazzy Jeff. I loved Will Smith's party songs and rapping because he was all about kicking back and having fun!

9) Touch Me (All Night Long) by Cathy Dennis
Cathy Dennis was my girl back in the day! I loved her energetic songs that always put me in a good mood and reminded me of how freeing being in love can be. :-) I also love Just Another Dream & Too Many Walls.

10) Water Runs Dry by Boyz II Men
Oh I hearted Boyz II Men so much when I was younger. I loved practically all their songs about love and treating a lady right. This song was my fave from them because it was just too beautiful for words. There was always something so sexy about a man who can reveal his feelings and vulnerability in love with that one special lady!

And one more for the road:

You Can't Deny It by Lisa Stansfield

This is just a few of my fave groups on rotation in my youtube playlist that take me back. If I named all my faves, I'd probably be here for another few pages!

So, how about you guys? Any songs from the previous decades that still play on rotation for you??

Rae Lori, multi-genre Author & Artist of the Ashen Twilight series



  1. Trader Joe's tend to play a lot of 80's pop in the store so sometimes I would stop to listen (and then tell the cashier about the song and feeling very much older than the poor woman).

  2. Oh, I heart Trader Joe's. I'm glad they still play the classic 80s tunes in stores. There were some goodies back then. :-)

    Isn't it weird how one day it seems like everyone is older than you than in the blink of an eye it seems like everyone somehow got younger? So strange. I'm starting to notice that now myself!

  3. Most of my suff is from the ast 2 decades. Michael Jackson, Scorpions, Phil Collins - they roll right up with David Guetta and Remady on my playlists.

    I can't find the kind of feel the music had back then. Sad...



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