Love Shack Birthday!

Jan. 14, 2011

By Pamela DuMond

This week I celebrate my official 'Love Shack' birthday. And no, I'm not going to tell you what that means. I'm just going to let you figure it out.

Just like Chinese astrology, (Year of the Dog, Year of the Rabbit, etc.) I will now be entering Year of the Love Shack. While I cannot predict anything, here's what's on my Love Shack birthday year wish list, in no particular order.

*World Peace.

*Continued momentum for the paperback, Kindle and Nook sales of my novel, Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys.


*Good health for my friends, family, my furballs, and me. (I'm requesting 2 slices of good health for my mom, Susan.)

*That a bunch of Independent Bookstores carry the paperback versions of Cupcakes the book. (They are so pretty and funny, too!)

*I request that a few of my talented author friends who have not been officially published yet reach that blessed goal. (You know who you are and that includes *EnnyJay IlchmanMay.)

*I would love to be interviewed by a super cool magazine that features writers. (Hint hint.)

*I would very much like to lose the last pounds I packed on after I quit smoking. I would like to be felt again, I mean svelte again.

*And pretty please can I finish writing/editing two more novels this year and find a new super duper agent who will champion my writing career?

You can pretend it's your Love Shack Birthday too! What would you wish for???


Pam DuMond


  1. 1. I make a living this year through my projects.

    2.I open myself up to receiving love and giving it effortlessly.

    3.A passionate, healthy, secure relationship with an attractive man.

    4. I win 3 best actress awards in film festivals for my acting skills.

    5. I work on projects with the people that seemed far and beyond my reach.


    7. Retreat to Esalen for 5 days.

    8. My short film, IG, and my web series both get funded, produced and distributed this year.

  2. Great, Pamela!!! I LOVED "Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys"!!! My wish is for all of your wishes to come true!!! ;0

  3. Pamela, dahhling!

    I am LOVING the Love Shack Birthday idea!! Oh, my where to begin, but you seem to have listed it all, particularly with the book publishing and being "felt again" ooops, meant svelte again comment! Thank you for the early morning smile I found hidden behind the frown thanks to you! Hugs and may all your LSB wishes come true!

  4. I love your Love Shack wishes, Aurora! Especially #6. Tx Terri and Aurora for granting my wishes. You are incredible girls! ;). E. Nina - Glad you are on board with The Love Shack Bday. Thank you all.

  5. Happy Birthday, and huge wishes that your wishes come true!

  6. Love Shack Birthday wishes:

    1. Get all the junk out of my house and out of my life.

    2. Pick a project and stick with it till the end instead of starting many projects and finishing only a handful.

    3. Be an inspiration to my kids.

    4. Someone finds a cure for cancer.

    5. become rich and fabulous

    Boy, I could go on and on with


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