Mad, Mad Love

I hate you. I love you. I hate loving you. The love/hate relationship is one of the most celebrated in romance fiction. Elizabeth and Darcy. Scarlett and Rhett. Leia and Han---(okay, Star Wars is not quite romance fiction, but still applies, I think). Through all the insults and the hard realizations, we stick with these couples, rooting for the love we know is there, held breathless by the intense passion that binds and separates at the same time.

How many of these fiery relationships really work out for the best in real life? I can think of a few musicians, actors and royal couples that threw sparks in public and never really created a happy ending out of it. Here in Poland, the relationship of Colin Farrel and Alicja Bachleda is a topic of endless public debate, with Colin now universally despised among Poles as a lying bastard who seduced the daughter of a very good Polish family and left her pregnant. There are even gossip mags that run periodic stories about how he intends to come to Poland and apologize to everyone here (not counting on that, lol).

My personal opinion is that Colin Farrell is an asshat, since Alicja is the second woman he's left with a child, and I suspect Alicja (being a feisty Polish woman in her right) has told him exactly that. See? Fiery and short...

But, in romance, we can manipulate the situation to our liking. Self-destructive asshats can be made to realize what they have before they lose it forever. Lovers can mature. They can realize all the things we wish they would, which I think puts the fantastic into fantasy. What are your favorite angry couples of all time?

And, on that note, I'll insert a plug here for my latest novella, The Aviator, which goes on sale on Amazon Jan 22.


Gilda Sinclair is known to be quite mad, a woman who drinks like a man, swears like one and takes lovers whenever she chooses, discarding her elevated standing as an aristocrat to seek her fortune as an airship pilot. After her father’s death, she insists on flying for his legendary dirigible company, only to learn that he has willed the controlling interest in the business to the one man she despises.

Nathan Lanchard was Gilda’s lover for one night and has endured her manipulative games ever since. In his mind, she is spoiled and reckless, intent on driving him beyond the limits of his control. As new opportunities cast doubt on his future with Sinclair Airship, and the dangers of war loom on the horizon, he will discover how ruthless her cat and mouse seductions can be, and what emotion truly lies at the heart of the dark lust between them.

Whoo Hoo! And, by the way, this one has been expertly edited by our very own founder and moderator! Thanks for saving my prose, Jojo!!!


  1. Hello Morgan and thanks for this post!

    First of all WOO HOOO what a sexy cover! Love it!!

    And then, onto the subject of love. It's why I love romantic films and books that show me heroes, in every way shape or form. It's why I don't love action flix, unless a love interest with a heart is the action hero... Anyway, love is such a strange emotion. Can be totally unreciprocated yet still burn brightly as a fire in our hearts. Thanks for the thoughts and the beautiful writing. Oh and a new word I'm going to borrow from you ASSHAT!

  2. That is a fabulously-sounding story - wow!

    The I love you/I hate you thing started for me in the 5th grade - I thought a "friend" was going to tell this boy that I liked him so I ran up to him and said, "I hate you." This I love you/I hate you thing must be instinctive. :)

  3. Thanks Nina! It is fascinating, isn't it? How much of any love relationship is really just in us as individuals? Scary to think about sometimes.

    I also love asshat---though I can't take credit for it. It was pioneered by the queens of snark over at Smart Bitches. They also make liberal use of the term "asshatery" referring to nefarious behavior of all kinds. Those gals! Talk about guilty pleasures...

  4. Thanks Kathy! I agree! Love/Hate is probably a kid thing that some of us never grow out of, LOL.

  5. Morgan - love your post! Colin Farrell needs to grow up! Unless he plans on fathering a child with a woman from every country in the world. Is he an ambassador with the UN?

    But your book The Aviator - is awesome!


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