Resolutions Shmedulutions....

By Nana Malone

Did you do it? Did the impending ball drop signaling the New Year prompt you into making a list of resolutions? A list, that even as you made it, you knew you had no intention on following through with?

Don’t worry, you have plenty of company. There’s something about the freshness of the new year that makes people believe that this will be the year they lose that extra five pounds. This will be the year they take that trip. This will be the year they treat their body like a temple. Even though they’ve had every opportunity to join a gym, had a passport gathering dust in a drawer for years, or consumed enough champagne to float a tanker. Come Febuary 1st, even the most stalwart of gym goers has mysteriously misplaced their Gym ID.

That’s why I don’t make resolutions. I make goals. The way I see it, resolutions are made to be ignored. But it’s real hard for me to ignore a goal. Okay, granted, I heart goals. I make to do lists and get a ridiculous sense of satisfaction when I can cross something off. My husband just shakes his head at me. But there’s just something serious about a goal. It’s like making a pinky swear with yourself.

Many of us have heard of SMART goals before. For those who haven’t, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. You need to be able to measure your progress. How else will you know it’s time to celebrate with dove chocolate if you don’t know if you’ve accomplished your goal? Goals take planning and steps. You need to have a path to what you’re aiming for. So many people once they find out I’m a writer, tell me how they’ve always wanted to write a book. But their eyes glaze over when I start asking for some specifics, what kind of book, how long of a book, what genre. It’s not enough to have the dream, though, from one dreamer to another Dream on! It’s important to have a plan of action. After all, how will you win the lottery if you never buy a ticket?

Okay, so we all can agree goals are awesome. But one thing to remember: Do It Today. Do wait till Monday to start that diet, or go to the gym, or start writing that book you’ve been thinking about. Do it today. Right now. This instant. Only you are in charge of your life. Why wait until January first to start fresh? Start fresh today!

So instead of asking what your New Year’s resolutions are, I’m going to ask you what goals did you make for yourself this new year?

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  1. Such a positive and smart post dear Nana, thank you!

    It's so true, the moment we put the word "resolution" in there, we are bound to ignore it. And doing things today is the secret to success, for sure. It's amazing how many excuses we find here and there to avoid doing things, yet once we've done them, they seem so easy...

    Thanks for sharing this and bringing light to the New Year. Hugs and keep writing and inspiring!

  2. Thanks Nina!

    I hope you and yours are having a fantastic New Year so far.



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