Forty and Fabulous

by Kayla Perrin

40. A monumental number, isn't it? Depending on what it signifies, people either love that number or hate it. Perhaps most notably, people think of that '40 milestone' in terms of age--and none too fondly. Forty is pretty much regarded as the start of middle age, the point at which everything starts to go downhill. And, as a 20-something contestant on a reality show AGE OF LOVE stated, "If I'm 40 and still single, I would feel like such a loser."

But the 40 I'm talking about isn't my age. So in this case, it's a number I'm proud of. Because 40 refers to the number of published releases under my belt.

That's right. My 40th book was released! In fact, books 39 and 40 were both released last month, in January.

FREEFALL TO DESIRE, a Kimani romance (division of Harlequin), was my 39th release. WINTER BREAK, a suspense published by St. Martin's Press, was book #40.

I've got to tell you, 40 feels so much better than 30. Like a really big, significant number. This is the number that I feel I ought to plan a big party for...which I hope to do in the spring, when the weather is nicer.

I did treat myself with a new car, one I've been eyeing for a while. So every time I look at my new C-class, I can think, Book #40.

So what is WINTER BREAK about? Well, it's a suspense that takes place on a cruise ship. A college winter break takes a horrible turn when one of the happy travelers disappears from the ship. It soon becomes clear that he went overboard. But was it an accident, or something worse? With an ugly rape allegation, and dirty secrets among friends coming to light, suddenly no one knows whom to trust. The book has lots of twists and turns, and will keep you guessing until the very end.

If you read SPRING BREAK, my novel that came out last April, then you'll recognize the fictional Lancaster University in this book. The characters in both stories are from Lan-U, though the books are not connected.

This is what one of my readers, Tiffany Rochester, wrote about the book on Facebook:
Just finished reading WINTER BREAK!!! All I can saw is WOW you have done it again! GREAT suspense novel..last few chapters had me holding my breath lol!! Excellent Excellent Excellent! I ♥ your books
Thank you, Tiffany, and to the others who have written to tell me pretty much the same thing. It especially means a lot because I wanted to make this book as suspenseful as SPRING BREAK, and I think I succeeded!

Now, book #39 is just as special, so I'll tell you a little about it as well. In FREEFALL TO DESIRE, the sister of my protagonist in ISLAND FANTASY gets her story. Brianne Kenyon has spent 3 years not wanting to give up on her fiance, who went missing in the Canadian Rockies. But just when she has decided that she needs to move on, a blast from the past rocks her world. Her late fiance's best friend, Alex Thorpe, shows up at her door to tell her that he thinks she was right all along--Carter is alive. He enlists Brianne's help in finding him. . .but all is not as it seems. Because if Carter is alive, then Alex suspects that there is a wicked deception behind his disappearance, one that will leave Brianne devastated. This story is full of adventure and thrills, betrayal and redemption. I've been getting great feedback on it as well.

I hoping to plan a special event to commemorate my 40th release. I may do something at the Romantic Times convention in April (my novel CONTROL is up for "Best Erotic Novel of 2010"), and perhaps also in Toronto, and maybe something online. I'll be sure to let you know how my plans pan out, and hopefully some of you can join me for the celebration!

I hope you'll check out FREEFALL TO DESIRE and WINTER BREAK! Later this year, my next erotic title, GETTING LUCKY, will be released from Harlequin Spice. It's the follow up story to GETTING EVEN and GETTING SOME. Plus, I have another Kimani Romance, TASTE OF DESIRE, coming out in the fall as well.

I know, I've been busy. But busy is good.

That's all for now! Until next time, happy reading!



  1. woohoo!

    congrats on your 40th book!


    you are prolific as well as being a great writer!

    love ya!


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