Hair Dos and Hair Don'ts


Hair Dos and Don'ts

Dear Pop Culture Divas and Fans: I thought you all might recognize yourselves in this blog post and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

I've been going through some old photos lately and noticed that over the (gentle cough,) years, I've had a wiiiiiiide variety of hair dos and hair don'ts. But this post is not all about me.

Sophmore year in High School Hair. I went for highlights. I got spilled milk.

Sophomore year in College. Halloween party. My roommate and I were a proton and electron. Notice the very rad side braid and weird bump on my head. And what was up with her platelets?

1980's clubbing Madonna inspired hair. Jeez how long did it take me to get it that flippin' big? And how handsome was Paul Bort, my date?

Wedding hair.  Notice the chignon. Very elegant. Notice the groom's hair. Oh, maybe not.

Dog Hair. Annie the Bernese Mountain dog when she was six months old and had a broken leg after being attacked by the next door neighbor dogs. She wasn't all that happy about her holiday halo either.

Best Friends Hanging out at the beach, Hair. (Hi Celia Boyle, travel adventurer extroardinaire!)

Midwestern Family Hair. Nephew Josh is blonde. I am suddenly a red-head. Mom/Susan is silver and Sister-in-Law Carol is blonde as well!

Cat Hair. This is Theodore von Pumpernickle. He is immortalized in my novel Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys. The sweetest cat, evah.

Heaven Hair. My silver haired, hysterically funny Dad who would absolutely love that I'm doing all these crazy blogs and fun books. RIP John Lewis DuMond: 8/9/24 - 6/9/93.  I miss you Daddy.

Hairs to You Pop Culture Divas! Feel free to share your Hair Dos and Don'ts.

Now go read a good book and tell someone you love about it.


Pamela DuMond


  1. Lol! This reminded me of the hair colour spree I went on about a decade ago. From crow black I went to platinum blonde, then I became a brunette, then a redhead, then I became brunette with highlights (think J-Lo), then I went daffodil blonde. It's a miracle my hair didn't fry off my scalp from all those chemicals!

    That's a Don't, btw - trying out all hair colours under the sun!

    Oh, I forgot the last dye job - black with purple highlights! :)

  2. Oh, Zee. We are in very good company.. xo, Pammy D!

  3. fantastic timing! I had a real debacle, and learned a big HAIR DON'T!
    Dont...EVER try a DIY hair dye from a brand you've never tired before, especially when it's new to the market and you've got a free coupon for a box! Yeah, nothing in life is free, ladies...and gents!

    I was going for reddish brown. i got coppery leopard print. OUCH

    I managed to fix it, almost, so no worries.

    In 1984, i got a really short hair do. BIG mistake. I hated it, made me look like a boy (I have photos that I hide with said hair cut LOL)
    Since i grew it out, after that, I've more or less stuck with the same hair style. Long.
    And it too has been all colors under the sun.
    My favorite phrase was when it was purple, and I had a fad of using glitter spray for those clubbing nights. A crimper was used, too! EEK. I love crimped hair hehehe LOVE IT

    Thanks for sharing your hair styles through the years. I'm rather loving your crimped look :)

  4. and that would be 'never TRIED' before. ugh. See it wore me out, all the stress of having patch work hair color. Opps.

  5. I love all your titles for each type of hair -

    Sophmore year in High School Hair
    Best Friends Hanging out at the beach, Hair
    Midwestern Family Hair

    Loved all of your photos - my hair made some similar twists and turns over those years, right down to the rad side braid.

  6. Groom's head is completely missing. Could be why things didn't work out. He couldn't communicate! :)

    My worst 'do was in the early 80's. I got a perm and they left the rollers in for almost an hour. It was, quite simply, a sight. I'll have to find a picture.

    Great post, Pam.

  7. Oh JoAnne: I do know Coupon Hair. Glad you recovered. And how could I have missed the glitter spray?

    Julia - Glad you liked the titles. You too were a side braid girl?

    Jenny - Thought Sun-In was like 'Orange-in'? Yes, I remember it well!

    Julie D - You noticed Groom's head was missing. Hmm. Oh I had that exact same perm. Blech!

    Thanks you all!

  8. Pamela! I love this post! I love all your hairstyles, including your pets and especially your father's beautiful silvery hair.

    I joke that my big, 1980's-inspired hair is the source of my super powers, so I can never cut it off. I have 3 sizes of hair...large, X-large, and super-gigantic. And I love them all! :^)

  9. Penelope!

    Your hair is the source of your Super Power? I love it! Thanks for liking and commenting on the post. Yes, Dad and the animals are the best. I miss them all.


  10. OMG! I loved your trip down "hair memory lane" and your college pic VA-VA-VOOM! ;D

    So funny looking back at pics of our hairstyles - truly a reflection of pop culture.



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