I Love Rock and Roll (so put another app on my smart phone, baby!)

by Chiron O'Keefe

While I love my iPod, and continue to cherish my endless stacks of CDs, the appeal of radio still remains. We finally traded in one beloved car for a new model sporting satellite radio with Sirius XM. Suddenly, my frantic punching of buttons searching for snippets of music between blaring commercials seemed archaic. I discovered a wide range of stations catering to every possible yearning that might erupt.

Want acoustic? Check out The Coffee House. Like oldies? There's 60's on 6, Classic Rewind, Deep Tracks and Classic Vinyl. I love Soul Town, featuring favorite Motown and soul cuts through the years. My favorite station is B.B. Kings' Bluesville, but if a yearning for Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra or the Grateful Dead should arise, there's a station dedicated to the songs I want to hear. Crazy, man!

Unfortunately, sooner or later, I have to exit my vehicle. Argh. Thrust back into the cold, cruel world with nothing but an iPod loaded with thousands of songs. How barbaric! *shudder* Who will guide me? Are you telling me I actually have to load a playlist By My Self???

Luckily, as the old/new joke goes: "There's an app for that." Yup, I'm now rocking to tunes blaring from computer, home theater system, and yes, even on my smart phone. My latest love affair with radio has expanded thanks to Pandora.

Pandora Radio is an automated user generated radio station that customizes playlists based on your preferences. You create new stations by picking a song or an artist. If you type in Beatles, the station will begin selecting songs based on that preference. There will be some Beatles songs, and others that have similar qualities. You can Like or Dislike any song choice, which helps to further customize that station.

Even though it's designed for a band name or song title, I plugged in a genre, Motown, and enjoyed a wonderful selection of tunes. This internet radio is free, though you can upgrade to a paid version with more options (you can skip more songs and there's no commercials ever). Some Blu-Ray players with Wi-Fi can hook up to Pandora, letting you groove to tunes over your home theater system. Recently, I discovered there's also an App for the Android smart phones. Snap!

There's such an endless stream of musical options available over the internet, the mind boggles trying to keep up. (By the way, Mind Boggles is a great name for a rock band. Just saying).

Last Saturday, while sipping wine late at night, my hubby introduced me to yet another unique source of tunes floating on the internet. If you're a fan of either the Rolling Stones, The Jeff Beck Group or The Faces, you might recognize one of my favorite musicians, Ronnie Wood.

Seems between touring with the Stones, whipping up masterful paintings, and getting shit-faced drunk, this bad boy of rock also began producing an internet radio show!
Here's how Ronnie describes it: This website is home to my brand new radio show! Every week I get to dig through the archives and play some of the music I love and the stuff that’s influenced me over the years. It’s music from the soul and I’m really excited about the fact that I get to listen and play along to my favourite songs every week so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.
Love Ronnie xx

Ronnie's Radio Station--Ronnie Wood Radio

The song choices jump all over the place with one common factor—each song is kick ass music. Ronnie, baby, you can DJ at my place anytime!

So there you have it. A brief glimpse of just a couple of the overflowing number of choices for internet music these days. A computerized juke box just bursting with lovely tunes. What can I say? Once again, it's only Rock-n-Roll but I like it.

--Chiron O'Keefe

When not snoozing it up in dreamland, Chiron loves to write, to sing, to dance and play music.


  1. I love the title of your post, Chiron! And you're right, the world of internet radio and satellite radio is SO wonderful. What did we ever do without it? I wish we had it in our RAV. We just spent three days on the road moving and I got sick of trying to find radio stations playing rock or pop (I swear Kentucky and Tennessee have nothing but country stations) and then trying to keep them in tune long enough to enjoy them!

    Don't know what I'd do without my iPod, but I do enjoy my 80s music via Direct TV. I also enjoy listening to the Zen channel and contemporary jazz on Sunday mornings.

  2. Thanks, Misty!

    The Pandora app might come in very handy when driving in your RAV! I'd go crazy driving without music. ARGH!

    It's so cool to listen to tunes through the TV sound system. I love that we have so many options these days. :-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. DH is a huge lover of music and sound...I have fancy speakers that I will put against any home entertainment center! I don't have an iPod though...the whole thinges in my ear doesn't work for me...never has!

    Great post, Chiron!

  4. Oh yeah, we drove cross-country with Satellite Radio in our brand new car back then - it saved us - lol!

    Don't have it in our current car but we do have an iPhone App for it and put it in our docking station with speakers connected to the big screen TV and listen to Elvis Radio - 24/7 - can you believe it? Saturday night is "sound track Saturday night" where they play songs from movies.

    And we've recently discovered Pandora, which is fun. And Live365, which I also love.

    Great, isn't it? Sure beats the old transistor radio. :)

  5. Hi Tess!

    DH is our kind of people. ♪☺♪

    Recently I found that these days you don't really need to use ear buds with iPods. (thank heavens) There are portable speakers, iPod docks for many sound systems, Bose even makes a portable iPod sound system, and a few years ago hubby found an iPod connector for my Jeep! Which meant I could hear my song-lists through my car speakers! Awesome. *happy dance*

    Like you, I'm just not as keen on ear-buds so it's wonderful having so many cool options out there!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear!

  6. Hi Kathy!

    Satellite radio is soooo wonderful for long drives! I can't imagine going without it. We also have the iPod hooked up so on the few occasions when we hit a 'no-signal' zone (down on the Oregon Coast), we switched over to the iPod and kept on rocking!

    Wow to the Satellite through the big speakers!! I don't have an iPhone but I do have iTouch. And since we have that Sirius subscription, I now have to check out to see if we can play through our speakers too! I'll have to do some research. How freaking cool!

    Yup, sure beats the old transistor radios. Hah!

    Oh, and driving just the other day I caught "Viva, Las Vegas" and thought of you. ;-)

    Thanks so much for dropping by!!

  7. Wow! If people hear "Viva Las Vegas" and think of me, well, I have totally lived - lol! Thank you, my friend.

  8. And, Misty, I know what you mean about Kentucky and Tennessee. On our way to Oregon from Florida, we listened to the Broadway station around those parts - just had to know that civilization existed and that people were drinking martinis somewhere! :)

  9. WOW! As always i love your musical posts Chiron - i always learn something new. ;) I can access satellite radio on my computer - and love to listen while i'm writing - because - it's true - you can find pretty much anything out there you like.

    For the gym - i still have my trusty ipod - but i wish i could do the live feed -so i could mix it up.

    one day - i'll get with the program!



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