Okay... was it me or were the Oscars a bore this year?  I must admit that I tend to have high expectations for the annual event, even organizing a party for my friends. My event has expectations. My friends dress up in the theme of one of the best picture nominated films and bring munchies or libations on the same theme.  This year my house was awash with sweat shirts and ipads... can you say The Social Network? All to say, an effort is made.  Unfortunately, I cannot say that there was much effort in this year's Oscars.  James Franco (who I think is a great actor) looked sleep deprived and Anne Hathaway's perky presenter persona was well, too perky. At one point the pan of the audience revealed an excitment level that I get from the crowd waiting for a bus... maybe because the show was a bust.

Therefore from my arm chair critic's position, a few suggestions for the Academy:

1. ask the nominees to dress in the costumes they wore in their films... it would make the walk of the red carpet more interesting

2. even ask the nominees to bring a munchie or two... as an average of $8.5M per picture, I think they could bake.. or at least pay someone to cook up something

3. ask regular movie goers to present awards... I think it would be definitely funnier.

4. speaking of funnier, if the film is a bio pic like the Fighter, get the real people on stage.  I would have really like to see Dicky Eklund on stage with Christian Bale and then try to get them to wrap up on time...

5. in the music category, Randy Newman (Toy Story 3) was right, they should have more songs. Plus please have the real singers sing the songs. It is a question of respect for the singer and Gwyneth Paltrow is unfortunately not a singer. 

6. Consider Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law to cohost next year.

7. Always invite George Clooney - doesn't matter if he is not in a film 

8. Consider a more interactive elements to the proceedings... One red carpet talking head said to an actor, I have a question for you that we received from twitter and then promptly read it off a piece of paper... hmmmm

9. Have many mini hosts.. a tasting concept using the funniest hosts of the past.  Kinda like a SNL skit or 

10. Please bring back Billy Crystal


  1. I think that the host should always be a comedian - because they can think fast - they can come up with clever one liners that are off script and they're just way funnier than "actor" hosts.

    But i would heartily endorse a Jude Law and RDJ tag-team ;D

  2. I"m glad I'm not the only one who thought it was boring -- I thought that maybe it was the categories -- all those technicalities, when really, people like to see Actor, Director, Supportings, Picture, and possibly costume, makeup and Special Effects -- it was just a snoozer. And how did Hathaway change her dress/hair so often?!

  3. Franco seemed stoned and Anne way too perky and annoying. I usually love them both. Not on that night. Jude and Robert def for next year, or even Billy and Sandra.


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