Are You a Late Bloomer?

by Julia Smith

I laughed with delight at David Seidler's Oscar acceptance speech a few weeks ago.

The 73-year-old screenwriter stepped up to the podium, gazed around at the glittering audience, and said, "My father always said to me I would be a late bloomer."

As someone in my mid-40s who is still pursuing publication, I found David Seidler's Oscar has given me that extra wind in my sagging sails, just when I needed it most.

Are you a late bloomer, too?

CLICK HERE to watch the video clip of David's acceptance speech.


  1. I loved David's speech as well and I am very much a late bloomer. Great post. ;)

  2. I'm with you Julia - i think i'm a late bloomer too - but that's fine by me - when others burn out - we'll be burning bright! :D

  3. I loved his Oscar speech! Yay for him, and may there be many blooms in his future :)

  4. I thought it was lovely. And really, any man who had the patience to wait for the Queen Mum to pass away before he pursued this story should win a prize for something, don't you think?

  5. Melissa - Glad you popped over here! And happy to know you've bloomed so well.

    Joanna - We shall shine!

    Julianne - I hope that, too!

    Michelle - Exactly!


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