Being Human, By Way of the Supernatural

by Rae Lori

I’m sitting here literally moments after just watching the UK version of Being Human’s season finale and let me tell you, this season (especially the last two episodes) were AMAZING. Rarely has there been a tv show to make me gasp one moment, laugh the next and be in tears moments later. But this show has succeeded more than ever on all fronts.

Looking at the supernatural genre, we can see that it is stronger than ever. Like anything though, the offerings need to bring something fresh and unique to the genre to keep readers and viewers interested. This is especially true not only for books in a series but also for an ongoing tv series.

That’s why I appreciate really good shows that not only bring something fresh to the genre but also have great, original storytelling that breaks new ground with its characters and their complexity.

Being Human does that and more. At the core of the show is its strong cast of characters: George, the werewolf; Mitchell, the werewolf, and Annie, the ghost. In the beginning, George was the quiet, shy somewhat nerdy one who has a tendency speak in higher pitches when he gets nervous, excited or scared. Mitchell was the broody somewhat sarcastic one who struggled with his addiction to blood and his old lifestyle like an alcoholic would to his drink. Annie was the sweet one who looked after everyone and tried to keep the peace. As the seasons went on, their characters grew and they became closer as friends, deeper as individual characters and more complex as people. Nina, a woman who works at the hospital with George, eventually became his girlfriend and was added to round out the three after George had some trouble with attempting a relationship with a human woman.

This season kicked it up a notch. I won’t go too much into what happens because some readers out there may be reading this and will have a taste of the series for the first time. Others may be in the process of working their way through the seasons. In any event, if you can get your hands on this show…Check. It. Out. Run, don’t walk, to add this to your DVD list. It’s even good enough to keep on your shelf. You don’t have to be a paranormal fan to enjoy this. The characters are so real and they change with such amazing dynamic throughout the seasons. Each episode kept going at a wonderful pace right up to the end. Most of the UK seasons (or series as they are known overseas) tend to run about 6-8 episodes but I have seen more things happen not only in a season but one episode than in most US shows which tend to stretch things out beyond their welcome without telling you a thing (The Event and the current V remake are both guilty of this). The tension is high, the comedy is great and the characters are addictingly real.

The SF channel (I refuse to call it by that ridiculous new name they changed to) is currently airing a remake of the US version but let me tell you, check out the original. There’s something about the characters that Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner bring to life that makes George, Annie and Mitchell feel like the people next door, only more supernatural.

Watching this show has inspired me to keep a focus on character complexities and depth of storytelling in the books that I write, especially with the Ashen Twilight series. I can thank the writers and actors for creating such a wonderful world within Being Human. Thanks for a great season guys and for upping the bar on what to expect from the shows that I watch.

I’ll be eagerly waiting for season 4’s episodes while I type away at my own stories with the inspiration of three amazing characters and friends.

Rae Lori, multi-genre Author & Artist of the Ashen Twilight series


  1. I have to catch the BBC version. I noticed it on my cable channels late one night. I have become the ultimate fan of the American version on the SiFy Channel.

  2. Definitely check it out, Abigail! I hope you enjoy it. :-)


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