by Bella Andre

My kids have spring break this week so we packed some bags, got on a plane, and headed up to an island in the Pacific Northwest. All day we've been playing Life and Clue and walking the beach and sitting by the fire.

As a full-time writer, I spend a lot of time sitting behind my computer (my kids used to call it "the box" when they were really little...can I admit that's how I still think of it in my head?) and the truth is my brain has been on overload during the past two days. Wonderful, blessed, overload.

Every corner we turn uncovers something new. A forest. Another scenic ocean view. The biggest cows we've ever seen! A daffodil farm, perfect stripes of yellow.

It's funny how easy it is to narrow focus and think that's all there is to see. I guess that's one of the reasons books are so wonderful - they introduce us to so many things we might otherwise never experience.

I'd love to know, When's the last time you had a new experience that really moved you?

:) Bella


  1. A beautiful post, Bella. I love the ocean and I love to travel. When you come upon something you didn't expect it gives new meaning to your trip. On one of our trips to the Southwest, we were driving to Sedona, Arizona. We turned a corner and there in the sky was a beautiful double rainbow. It took our breath. We pulled over and took a picture. Lots of other drivers did the same. Another time we were driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff in the dark. I was driving, and my son and husband started exclaiming about the sky and the stars. I pulled over so we could all get out and look at the clear sky. There were more stars than we'd ever seen strewn across a velvet sky. Living near a city, we don't see the night sky in all its splendor.

    Thanks for bringing me back to those memories, Bella. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Lovely post Bella! Any time i get to travel i explore/discover something beautiful that i tuck away in my mind under "memories"

  3. Cara - You reminded me that on the drive from the airport to the island, we saw the most spectacular rainbow. Traffic actually slowed down because so many people were pulling over to the shoulder to get out and take a picture.

    Joanna - Yes, memories and filling the well!

    :) Bella


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