Teenage Dreams Crushed

By JoAnne Kenrick

I'm big on synchronicity, and believe it's no coincidence that my first post was scheduled for this date.

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of actor, artist and my teenage crush, Corey Haim. I hope, as this is my first post here at The Pop Culture Divas, my openness gives you some insight as to who I am...as a person, not as an author.

It's strange how we can grieve for people we've never met before, at least not in reality. Corey is one of those people for me. Perhaps it's because I spent most of my teenage years getting to know him in various movies and gossip girl type articles in magazines. I used to subscribe to a magazine called Young Americans. Not for the stories, but for the amazing head shots of the stars I crushed on; River Phoenix, Corey Haim and Keanu Reeves. It's tragic that both River and Corey's life ended too soon. (I was young when River died, and watching a news broadcast sharing how he died outside The Viper Room, Hollywood, tore me to pieces.

My 'love affair' with Corey began, like many fellow Corey appreciators I know, with the movie The Lost Boys. It was his cute smile and cheeky remarks. From then on, my bedroom was plastered with his face; on my wall, cupboards (closets) and even my ceiling! Every night, I'd turn over to go to sleep, and see his face. That image instigated many daydream moments of when we would accidentally meet. It would be instant love, of course, and those fantasies lulled me to sleep many nights over. I even wanted the same batman tattoo as him, so I could feel closer to him. So, yes, in my little teenage world, we knew each other. Or at least, I knew my version of him that I had made up in my head.

I watched all his movies, regardless of the 'not so great' reviews, and loved them anyway...just because he was in them. And then I grew up, found real love, and didn't think of him for a long time. I wasn't a teenager anymore, so I guess we kinda broke up from the teenage crush status.

When I moved to the States with my husband and children, I was thrilled to see Corey had a new show,The Two Coreys, with his Lost Boys co-star and long time friend, Corey Feldman. I thought, yeay, he's having a come back; he's all better, and he looks great! As the show progressed, it became clear something was amiss. I got more and more concerned for him, as a friend would. I wanted to write to him, share my worry for his well being. But I didn't, figured that was a numpty fan-girl thing to do. Now, I wish I had. Not that it would have changed anything, but it might have made me feel better knowing I'd at least tried to do something to help.

When I saw the episodes that covered the filming of The Lost Boys: The Tribe, I knew it was over for him. He was really struggling with life and seemed like he was lost. I didn't expect him to die, though, especially when his career seemed to have turned around with new movie projects. Hearing the news of his passing sent my heart plummeting as if a dear friend had just died. I shed a tear, and felt glum for weeks after.

From following his career so closely, he really was a dear friend. Although he never knew me, I knew him. Rest in peace, dear Corey.

I hand this over to the comments box now, and to you. Who was your teenage crush, and what is he/she doing now? Does he/she affect you the same way they did all those years ago? Would you grieve for them?

Corey Feldman posts a tribute to his friend, the Haimster www.coreyfeldman.net to commemorate this day, and a truly heartfelt Blog.

Corey's official site, movies and his art: www.coreyhaim.us

Corey's movie backlist, IMDb

Image from The Two Coreys - A& E


  1. JoAnne, a year ago today left me in a funk for several days. It was like a friend of mine had died. I never met Corey either, but he was one of my first teenage crushes, and The Lost Boys was a HUGE influence on my teenage years, as well as my character, Miranda Dandridge.

    A year ago today, it seemed like a piece of my childhood, and a piece of me, died. RIP, Corey.

  2. I Loved Corey Haim too. Besides NKOTB he was my biggest crush growing up (although Johnny Depp has been my longest. I fell for him at age nine I think when he was in 21 Jumpstreet and still think he is beautiful and love how he's turned out).
    Corey was my adolescent obsession. I too had posters plastered everywhere. I tolerated Corey Feldman because he was his side kick, but he got absolutely no wall space.
    I was sad when he died, but it didn't surprise me that much. It was a horrible waste though.
    The one death that hit me REALLY hard was Heath Ledger. That took me quite a few days to process. I was upset and stunned. That was so tragic and shocking. He was one of my adult favorites. He was with me through my early adulthood. R.I.P. Heath.

  3. I ditto everthing you have said. Corey was truly my first love. I can't say how many times I planned our life together. I'm not a teenage girl anymore and there wasn't anyone to talk to about it when he died but I cried and mourned for weeks in secret. I felt horrible, while I have a loving real family with me . Anyway there are no time machines to change our pasts or to fix corey's and give him the love that he long desired but never found in real life. Soooo sad. He was such a huge part of our growing up. I know much of my teenage years revolved around thoughts of him. I have a 14 yr old daughter who has Bieber fever and I totally understand all the posters, books and total obsession. I wish Corey could have known, or better yet we could have known how he had affected us even years and years later. I will always miss this lost boy.

  4. My love of the Coreys also began with THE LOST BOYS. I watched all of their movies, wallpapered my bedroom with their pics, and cried when I read about Corey Haim's death. I thought THE TRIBE was terrible and didn't even bother watching the second sequel. The magic was gone.

    I can only hope Corey Haim is dreaming a little dream, a happy one without the many pains he dealt with in this life.

  5. Beautifully put, Lisa xx Thanks, ladies, for the lovely comments.

    @Nicole, I felt the influence when reading your beautiful book. xx

    @Mistifaery Heath Ledger, that was such a blow, wasn't it? Totally out of the blue. What a handsome Aussie he was, and so very talented. I was simply blown away with his role as Joker in The Dark Knight

    Johnny has turned into a wonderful man, I discovered his beauty when watching Cry Baby for the first time. He's come so far, always surprising me with he amazing acting abilities -- he really can lend himself to any role he takes on. Hats off to the guy!

  6. Welcome to the Divas JoAnne. :D

    I agree with you about Corey Haim - very sad when we see someone with all that promise as a kid burn out like that as an adult - I think all the years of hardcore drug use took its toll on him even if he didn't "technically" die of a drug OD.

    And look now - at Charlie Sheen - his antics and ability to laugh at himself are amusing - but wondering if there's another crash and burn coming for him.

    great post!


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