The Write Dream

by Joanna D'Angelo

I always love to hear when a friend (online or otherwise) has landed a book deal and is getting published.  I'm a cheerleader at heart and very supportive of the dream that so many of us share.
But it's hard to sustain that energy for yourself. Every day. Sometimes I have to make myself believe it.

Sometimes I believe that I will get published and other times -  meh. I'm sure even published writers have self-doubt about getting their second, third or 12th book out there. I wonder if any of you fellow writers have the same problem?

How do you keep "the faith" in yourself - in your writing.  How do you stay motivated when - let's face it - most of us are hustling to earn a living as well - until we get to the point where we can become full-time writers (writing novels that is).

And with all of the changes in the world of publishing and the predicted demise of the traditional book store (or book store chains) will the dream of getting published become even more elusive?

Yes, I know that e-books have thrown some traditional writers for a loop - but I also know that many of you have embraced e-publishing and are even starting to self-publish with great success.

I do feel optimistic about the future of publishing. People will always want to escape or be enlightened by or just entertained by a good book.  Whether it's a long or short format or on an e-reader or in paperback form - our enjoyment of reading won't go away - it just means that changing technology will change the way we read - not necessarily what we read.

Now, if I could just stay motivated when it comes to writing! :D

Illustration by Dave Donald.


  1. Well said, Joanna. I agree with you on the future of publishing. The enjoyment of reading will not disappear, just the way we access it. Now if we could just do something about that pesky problem called motivation!

  2. How do I stay motivated? With seeing all those pom-pom swishes authors are doing for each other, I mean the next cheerleader dance could be for me!

    And, mostly, it comes down to talking to authors, all in a different mark on the path to publication -- authors are a supportive bunch, ya know!

    If it wasn't for all my author friends, I'm not sure I would have handled my first rejection as well as I did, either. It was through them that I learned the 24hr rejection rule. Thank goodness for that one, because I'm a brooder.

    And, Joanna, if there's one thing I've learned on my writing journey is that it will happen. If you want it, and you work for it, it will happen one way or another. Perhaps not in the way you expected, but it will happen.

    So, in true pom-pom style, I stand here (I can't do cartwheels, sorry!) cheering you all on!

  3. Oh, make sure you have a support system. And I find deadlines are great motivators, though not sure they make for the best writing...

    People will always read, I do believe that!

  4. Love what you do, even when you hate it. Sometimes you have to "wax enthusiastic," i.e. cheer for yourself even when you don't feel like it. I came very close to quitting, but realized I will never stop writing. It's amazing what the words, "I'm going to quit doing this," will do to your ego. I've never been more frightened than when I uttered those horrible words. Then I sat down and got 30K on the "page." And, of course, I could not do without my amazing author friends.

  5. Hey pondhopper: Thank you for your comment - and yes - here's to reading - and being open to new tech. ;D
    as for motivation - maybe chocolate? ;D

  6. Yay! JoAnne! You're one of my fave commenters here :D

    I do agree with you - it's fellow writers and authors that keep me going - as well as friends.

    And here's to a double cheer for both of us! :D

  7. Maureen - you're right - i do work much better with deadlines. funny how that is - keeps us on a strict regimen of daily doses of writing i guess!


  8. Minnette - very inspiring! I think sometimes you have to get down to the bottom in order to pull yourself back up. :D

    also - i love your name!!!

  9. It's always so hard to stay motivated... After a particularly bad moment, when I came to verbal and written blows with my ex boss, I decided to stop this madness altogether, give up on the writing. I thought, why not become a tour guide in a foreign country, or show English speakers around my beloved Italy? But it's exactly when I gave myself an out that the motivation came back, flooding my heart and changing my mind. It's in those moments that I realize I can't possibly live without writing and I think most writers who persist, despite all the odds and the amateurs out there, also feel this way! I know you do, Jojo!!

  10. Thank you Nina! i always appreciate your support and inspiration! And you're right - it's those moments that we realize this is what we are meant to do. :D


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