The Appeal of the Fairytale

by Kayla Perrin

I swore I wouldn't do it. Even yesterday, I vowed not to. But as I write this, I am watching a re-broadcast of William and Catherine's wedding.

Now, I didn't get up at three in the morning, and even though I was up at seven, I didn't turn on the television to see the wedding live. I wasn't about to sit through hours of watching as everyone arrived at the church. I knew there would be ample time to catch up on all the wedding highlights throughout the day, (which I did plan to watch), but until yesterday I had a pretty bah humbug attitude about the wedding.

I'm not a royalist. In fact, I'm one of those who would like to see the monarchy abolished. I don't see its relevance anymore. But granted, on a trip to England three years ago--and seeing Buckingham Palace live for the first time--I came to the conclusion that the monarchy isn't going anywhere any time soon.

All that aside, what got to me when I saw the first highlight on the news--and prompted me to tune in to the re-broadcast highlight show--was the total fervor among the crowds.

And it hit me: we all love a fairytale.

I'm not a royalist, but I am a romantic. And as a romance writer, I'm watching William and Catherine riding in the carriage to the palace right now and thinking of their wedding the way a romance writer would: it's all about the love story.

Of course, it's probably every girl's dream to become a real princess one day, but given that isn't likely to happen, our actual wedding days provide us with that experience. But what really struck me about the excitement of the crowds was an irony, if you will. So many people scoff at the "idea" of romance, and yet look at them now. All completely excited about a high profile, royal wedding.

It can't simply be the pomp and ceremony, which is quite magnificent, granted, and I'm certainly enjoying watching the official uniforms, horses and carriages. William and Harry looked stupendous in their military outfits. (On a personal note, I enjoyed seeing all the places I visited in person...see the pics of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and such I took in this blog with my family). But aside from the pomp and ceremony, I think that the excitement comes from having witnessed William and Catherine together, and seeing that they have something that's real.

How many among the crowd snicker at a romance novel, yet were screaming with joy for the prince and his bride?

This wedding, for me, has proven exactly why the romance novel reigns supreme in the fiction world. People are in love with love. We love to root for the hero and heroine who are meant to be, who we know will be together until death.

It's the romance that warmed my heart as I watched the highlights. I enjoyed watching Will trying not to smile as he walked into the church, on this "solemn and official" occasion--but his joy was evident. He's just a guy marrying the girl he loves. The same goes for Catherine, who beamed every time she looked at her man. And when Will said, "You look beautiful" I felt butterflies. I remember that moment in my own wedding, when my groom said that to me, and how special it made me feel. It's that intimate moment between two people that we can all relate to, that we all love to cheer for.

We can all experience their joy vicariously--just as we do in each of the romance novels we read. Here is a real life story that has given us the same kind of satisfaction that a romance novel does...and leaves you smiling and sighing contentedly. Because today is a day that we can unabashedly root for love. The only sad thing is that Princess Di couldn't be here to witness and enjoy this special day as her son, who seems incredibly grounded and like a wonderful man, marries the woman of his dreams.

Will and Kate have their day today, and tomorrow will be "my" day. No, I'm not getting re-married (sadly, after my fairytale day came divorce years later). Tomorrow, I get to get all dressed up in a gown a designer friend is making just for me. Tomorrow, I get to enjoy the glitz and glamour of a wonderful evening in Toronto: The Harry Jerome Awards.

Yes, tomorrow I will be receiving a prestigious Harry Jerome Award for Excellence in the Arts. Recipients are nominated and selected from across Canada, so this is especially an honour for me. (And I returned from the Romantic Times Convention a couple of weeks ago, with a Reviewers' Choice Award for my novel, CONTROL, which came out last fall! It's been a great year for me thus far!)

I won't reveal my dress until tomorrow, but I suppose this is a great time to wear a hat or a "fascinator". Had I been invited to the royal wedding, I had two great hats to choose from. What do you think?

So, did you tune in to watch the royal wedding? And what is your view on the appeal of the fairytale?

Until next time,


  1. Love it. I love both your hats. I'd have to do a costume change just to wear them both. Fabulously timed article too.

    My mom and dad asked me early one morning, do you want to watch a royal wedding? Yes, of course...So, I watched Di and Charles get married when I was 7 years old. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen with my 7 year old eyes. I remember watching them through blurry tired and weepy eyes. A real princess right on my tv. I never forgot it.
    I followed her life until the end, watching William and Harry grow.

    Now, I have two daughters of my own. This morning, I woke my 7 year old and asked her... "Do you want to watch a real princess wedding?" Her eyes went round and she nodded. We snuck downstairs quietly, curled up in my husband's recliner in the dark and watched. To me, it has come full circle. And I hope that I've passed down a beautiful memory for her to carry on, much like the official title of Princess.

  2. Although I did get up at 3 or 4 a.m. for Charles and Diana, I was ignoring this wedding. Until I woke up at 2 a.m. and realized it was on then, so I took a peek and then set it to record on TiVo. It was more about me than them - I love a good Cinderella story and the wedding felt so Disneyesque - lol! But it was more about a connection to my younger self, that I had watched his parents wedding and it seemed important to watch his. I totally got caught up in the excitement and peek into another culture. It was beautiful!

  3. Hi, Elysabeth,
    I remember watching Diana and Charles marry when I was a young girl as well. And I was enchanted! But I think that given Charles didn't really love her, and how--because of expectation--he married her anyway because Camilla wasn't good enough, and how Princess Di ultimately suffered, I lost respect for the monarchy.

    That said, I've always loved Princess Di's sons, and seeing William looking so handsome and so in love, I felt that respect again. I know his mother would have been proud. At least this royal wedding seems like the real deal! I wish them both much happiness!

  4. Kathy, I partly vowed not to tune in because they were making sooo much of this wedding. "Wedding of the Century" when the century has only begun (and what about when Harry marries, LOL). But I always admired the true love I witnessed with Will and Kate, and with them having been together so long--and living together for years--their relationship truly has had time to develop.

    Of course, once I started watching, I tuned in to the full 2 hour special! But it really was about enjoying seeing two young people in love enjoy this day.


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