The Way You Look Tonight

I married my soul mate at the ripe old age of fifty. It was a second wedding for each of us, our total of six kids all participants in the ceremony, and our closest family and friends in attendance.
Seven years ago my father was still with us, although the funny, handsome Irishman was fading to the grip of dementia. Dad, with his mahogany cane, walked me down the little aisle set up at our reception hall and for the second time in my life and the last time in my life he gave me away.
In his younger day, my Dad was a Frank Sinatra look-alike. During his days in the Navy he was often mistaken for the crooner although my father couldn't carry a tune if his life depended on it. When it came time to choose a song for Dad and me to dance to at the wedding, I wanted a Sinatra ballad and I wanted one that would personify the moment, capsulize it, embed it in my memory and in my heart.
We danced to "The Way You Look Tonight," Sinatra's ballad written by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields. I remember how while we were taking tiny, measured steps on the dance floor, eyes on us, I memorized everything I could. The feel of Dad's hand in mine, the fabric of his suit, the creamy white rose pinned to his lapel, the sprig of baby's breath, the fern. I took in the scent of his Acqua Velva aftershave, locked my gaze onto his ever-blue eyes.
I made sure that someday when I'd be awfully low, when the world seemed cold, I would feel the glow of thinking of him and the way he looked that night.


  1. That's a beautiful memory. One you're very lucky to have.

    I didn't have that kind of wedding, but it would have been a memory I would have liked to have had too.

  2. Frank Sinatra makes any day even better. Lovely post and a lovely memory.

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