44 Weddings and a Few Laughs

by Joanna D'Angelo 

44. That's how many contributors we have at thepopculturedivas. We blog Monday to Friday - usually a different contributor each day. 44 different women each with something unique to say.  This is a special group - a diverse group. Some are seasoned professional writers who are multi-published authors and others are still studying their craft in school. Some of us straddle a few different genres and media as well. But what we all have in common is a sense of the funny/clever/witty and our pop culture take on the world around us.  Whether we write about romance heroes or House or Harry Potter or Homer Simpson we always try to do it from our own personal perspective.

Now, given that 'tis the season - and I think we can say that Kate and Wills' nuptials royally kicked it off with a bang! -  we thought we'd have some fun and write anything and everything we could think about in May and June about weddings. The topic is pretty broad. Some of the posts might be very personal, perhaps even poignant (we do get mushy sometimes ;) and some might be movie-related or book-related. But whatever these women choose to write about - I can guarantee you - it will always be entertaining!

So I hope you'll tune in to our WEDDING EXTRAVAGANZA over the next 8 weeks. It's sure to be kooky/crazy/colourful/creative/cool/captivating/charming and a lot more but I'd have to look it up in my thesaurus. :)



  1. Yay!
    Gonna have to get my creativity in gear for this one. I am not married nor have I ever been to a wedding that I have enjoyed or have been old enough to thoroughly enjoy.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  2. Can't wait for all of these wedding-y posts - I LOVE weddings.

  3. Soooo need to tuen in and check all these sure-to-be-fabulous posts out!


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