Bella Andre: It's raining, it's pouring, the writer is writing

I live in the Northern California wine country and the one thing we've always been able to count on is the weather. End of May = sun. I actually know this statistics on the weather in May because my husband and I were married 12 years ago on May 15th. Our wedding was going to be outdoors and at some point I said, "Wait a minute! What if it rains? How on earth will we fit 100 people into our living room for the ceremony?"

My husband writes statistical software, so of course he immediately went online to check the weather patterns over the past 50 years. He came back to me with a big smile: "There is a .01% probability that it will rain on May 15th." Feeling confident, we shelved plans for renting a just-in-case tent.

Luckily enough, it was a beautiful day, which you can see from the picture.

Which brings me back to the present. And all of the rain.

Now, personally, I don't mind the rain. I love hunkering down at my computer while dark stormy clouds sit outside my window. And our garden has a ridiculous number of blooms this spring - it looks like something straight out of a magazine. But I also love to hike - and this morning's walk got cut a little short because of the sudden downpour.

I just hope everyone who planned a wine country wedding in May and June sprung for the just-in-case tent.

:) Bella Andre


  1. Hi Bella,
    I love the rain moderation. So glad your wedding wasn't rained upon.


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