by LeeAnn Burke

I have often been asked where I get my inspiration and determination to keep writing no matter how busy my life and schedule gets. Different things inspire me, but I have to confess it’s my determination and stubbornness that keeps my butt in the chair writing Now back to inspiration, it can be something I read in the newspaper or watch on TV, but the most effective way to get my creative juices flowing is be surrounded by other writers. 

This past weekend I attended the New England Conference in Salem MA. This wasn’t my first trip to that conference or to Salem for that matter. I visited this beautiful town on at least 4 other occasions, all of them on my way to attend the New England Conference. The workshops were amazing and the featured speakers were wonderful. Anne Stuart was hilarious and both Lani Diane Rich and Annette Blair were awe inspiring. 

I have to say there is nothing like sitting down at lunch, dinner or breakfast with other creative writers. At the same time as you are introducing yourselves you talk about what you write and where you are in your writing. Quickly those strangers become friends and some times brainstorm buddies. Those mini brainstorm sessions during the meal time are my favorite of all things that happen at a conference. 

Now that you know what keeps me inspired let me know what inspires you.


  1. I love writing conferences for the same reason! Fellow writers always inspire me and I want to start writing as soon as I get home! ;D


  2. Thanks for posting this for me Joanna. I usually want to write while I'm there at the conference and have seen authors do just that.

    I have to say I love Annette's new cover. It looks awesome.

  3. Writing can be such a lonely endeavour so I think it's vital that we get out and socialize with others who face the same challenges we do. I almost always fine at least one little nugget in every workshop I've attended and this year's NEC conference was no different. I also connected with other writers who inspire me to push to be better at my craft.

  4. Travel, interesting books, images, intense or exciting experiences, unique characters I meet, looking back at different literary movements and what inspired those writers, and being surrounded by writers in my creative writing courses. These are all things that inspire me!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  5. I was inspired by the stench from a dumpster this morning. *laughs*

    But there's a lot of sulfur in my WIP. Or I'm just weird. ;)

  6. Brenda, I agree with you completely. I learned from an NYT author years ago the moment you close yourself off from learning more about the craft of writing is the day your career comes to a stall.

  7. Murissa, I have never traveled somewhere that inspired me to write on the spot. After I get back home and think back on my trip, maybe a little, but not while I'm there. It might be me or where I'm traveling to though.

  8. Saranna, as long as it gets you to write I say go with it. I can't say that the smell of garbage has ever inspired me per say, but I have heard a lot of authors be inspired by their sense of smell.

  9. Stubborn and determined...you... no, I don't believe it. :-)

    I agree, though, it's that determination that keeps me going in spite of the roadblocks and setbacks experienced along the way. And a conference such as we attended in Salem feeds the motivation in a way nothing else can.

    But I could have done without the ghost in my room.

  10. Catherine you know me too well. LOL It was a great conference.
    Be honest you'd have missed having that ghostly roommate if you hadn't had him/her.


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