Destination: Bahamas

by Michelle Miles

Here at Pop Culture Divas, we’re talking weddings. Big, small, destination, church, you name it. And since we’re talking about weddings, I thought it would be a great time to talk about mine. Seeing as how I’m a newlywed, still. ;)

We got married on December 15, 2010 on the white sands of Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. It was a beautiful day. Not too hot. Not too chilly. With a nice breeze coming off the Caribbean. I still look at those pictures and think what a dream that was. Someone commented to me once that the backdrop didn’t look real. I can assure you, it was real. The fine-grain sand was cool between my toes (I got married barefoot – hard to believe from the Shoe Diva!).

But wait. Let me back up a little. We had intended to get married in a lovely chapel. In fact, we’d had it reserved for months. We wanted something very small – only about twenty guests. It was what we could afford at the time. We’d booked a 5-day honeymoon cruise from Miami to the Western Caribbean. So we were looking forward to getting on a plane and spending the week there.

The closer the date got, the more we realized the expense and the planning of having a wedding. I started to realize all the work I was going to put into this thing. And then we had people we barely knew and hadn’t intended on inviting asking us when they were going to get their invitation. Seriously. They weren’t joking.

It became apparent that we needed a change of plans. So, on a whim, the Man suggested we get married on the boat. Or in the Bahamas. I started checking into it. Turns out, it was going to cost a lot less for a wedding/honeymoon than we originally planned. So we went for it!

It ended up being just the two of us plus the crew from the ship. They were fantastic, too, by the way. We had a lovely photographer and the officient was a Bahamian woman who was really a lot of fun. I had some reservations about wearing this dress on the beach near the saltwater. But it turns out that it was just fine. And the husband looked smashing in his tux.

We had a blast and enjoyed every single minute of our wedding on the white sandy beach. I would highly recommend a destination wedding – they did everything for us. We had a lovely champagne toast after we said our vows. We also had champagne and strawberries in our cabin waiting for us that night. And the dinner staff was wonderful too. I seriously felt like a princess.

I hope someday we have a chance to get back there. I really want to sink my toes in that beautiful sand again.

Michelle Miles is happily married to her awesome man. She resides in North Texas with him, her son and her Tom cat, quite outnumbered living with three boys. To find out more about her books, visit her website at


  1. What a wonderful location to get hitched..and I love how you were planning one kind of wedding, but ended up with something completely different, and cheaper :-) I bet that's a story that will be told often, when there's little grandchildren running around your feet! (((congrats to you both)))


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