by Marsha Canham

I write Romance Novels, so I must be a pervert.  

This would be the reasoning behind the huge kerfuffle about a newspaper article that went viral last week and caused a storm of outrage and discussion.  

You can read the full article here:   

But the jist of it is as follows:  A series of racy romance novels by an author named Judy Mays are a little too racy for some parents in our area, especially now that they have discovered the woman known as Judy Mays is teaching their children.

Many parents might admire a high school English teacher who is also a published author, but some parents in Snyder County said what their children's teacher is writing about in her spare time might be a little too hot to handle.

Parents said Judy Buranich has been an English teacher at Midd West High School for nearly 25 years, but recently they found out  she is a published author  and writes under the pen name Judy Mays.

Her book is an erotic romance novel and some parents said they are not happy with the book's content.

Parent Wendy Apple has a son in 10th grade at Midd West High School in Middleburg. His English teacher's name is Judy Buranich. Apple said she recently found out that after school Buranich has a second job; she writes erotic romance novels.

"Now my son knows so how is he thinking when he's sitting in her class knowing what she does on the side," Apple said. She added she found all of the information on the internet. Apple said Buranich writes under the pen name Judy Mays.

Parent Deanna Stepp said the evidence is clear. "She is teaching children that are under the age of 18 and definitely the books that she is writing are adult books. I think she needs to make a decision as to what she wants to do. Either be a school teacher or author," Stepp said.

Well hang me up to dry, folks. I guess that means Romance Novelists can't be teachers or doctors or lawyers or bank clerks.  I guess we shouldn't be parents either since we surely would be corrupting the young minds of our own sons and daughters. These are high school children, people.  They already know where babies come from. A goodly percentage of them likely already know more about sex than their parents...I know my own son did when it came time for his father to give him The Talk.  The husband came away pale and blinking, saying "He told me some things I never knew." And why, suddenly, after 25 years of teaching would Ms Mays suddenly be considered a dangerous influence? Did she have a stripper pole installed in her classroom?  Does she wear BDSM corsets to school? Or carry a whip? Get your heads out of the sand people.  We're as normal and often as mild mannered and quiet as your next door neighbor. Hell, we might BE your next door neighbor, but knowing how judgmental you can be, we just never told you.

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  1. Yeah, what she said!!! *grin*

    Excellent post. (insert applause here) Ooops. There I go using dirty words like "insert". Tsk. Tsk.

  2. Yep. I write romance. Therefore run for the hills or my vag will eat you. *shakes head*

    Great post!

  3. If they think Romance Novelists are too amoral to teach their children English, then I assume that if Sandra Bullock or Meg Ryan offered to give their drama students acting tips, the parents would refuse. After all, both actresses have appeared nude or nearly nude in films.

  4. Great blog, Marsha! I was at a Romance Writer's conference in New England this weekend, and we were all talking about our support for Judy, and our shock at the reaction in her own community. She's not teaching erotic romance in her classroom, sheesh. She can't have a life out of school?

  5. I honestly can't believe that people can be so narrow minded in this day and age. Granted, they want to protect their kids, there are a lot of REAL perverts in the world, but just because they found out, after 25 years of doing a great job teaching, that she writes sexy books on the side, does that suddenly give her horns and forked tail? Why don't they turn their energy into ridding the schools of bullies and gangs?

  6. Wow - thanks for sharing this. How insane is this???

  7. In many school districts these days teachers need to have a second source of income because the pay is so dismally low (especially considering the behaviors that they have to deal with every day). If parents cannot accept that their children's teachers need to moonlight to make a good living (including writing romance novels) they should rethink how much teachers get paid in this country as opposed to punishing them for being resourceful enough to find something that they are good at.


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