Ten Rules for Kate and William by Elaine Cantrell

Ten Rules for Kate and William by Elaine Cantrell

Do you envy Kate Middleton? She’s beautiful, poised, and she married Prince William, one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. One day, she’ll be his queen when he takes the throne.

I’m not sure I’d want to be Kate. Yes, the designer clothes, yachts, and wealth would be nice, but how terrible it would be to live your life in a fishbowl! Considering the public scrutiny they’ll endure, I think they’ll have to work harder than lots of people to make their marriage work. So, for what it’s worth, here’s my advice for William and Kate.

1. Laugh together. If you laugh at your mistakes they don’t seem nearly so big and important.

2. Don’t be afraid to forgive each other. Everyone makes mistakes now and then and needs forgiveness.

3. Be kind to each other. Kindness has a way of multiplying so that you receive as much as you give.

4. Say I love you every day. Women especially love hearing it.

5. Treat his other’s relatives with courtesy. That isn’t always easy, but it isn’t fair to put your spouse in the middle.

6. Respect each other. Everyone talks about the fragile male ego, but folks, we women hurt too if we aren’t treated with respect.

7. Listen to what the other person is really saying. True understanding goes a long way in a relationship.

8. Accept each other’s differences. You married him/her, right? You must have liked those differences at one time.

9. Encourage each other. Everybody wants someone to have their back.

10. It won’t hurt to say a little prayer for each other.

Will these ten rules eliminate conflict in a marriage? I sincerely doubt it, but if William and Kate follow these rules, I think their marriage will be a whole lot smoother.

Elaine Cantrell


  1. Great rules! I do NOT envy Kate at all. Who would want to live under 24/7 scrutiny where the media is looking for the tiniest little goofs in order to tell the world? Not my idea of fun.

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves

  2. The queen and Prince Charles seem fond of her. The queen loaned her a tiara, and Prince Charles helped her select wedding music.

  3. No partnership is stress free. The trick is knowing when to either apologize, or accept an apology.

    These are cool rules. No I wouldn't want to be Kate; I'm getting to old to envy the life of the young. I do wish them luck, and I hope they can make the world a brighter place.


  4. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes when going grocery shopping makes news where she is concerned. Elaine these are great rules that can be applied to all couples. Great blog!


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