Best Laid Wedding Plans

by Sharon Page
I write romance and an early piece of advice I got from another author has always stayed with me: if you end your book with a marriage proposal, make it one the reader will never forget.
In reality, though, I learned things aren't quite the way they are in fiction. Here were some of my best laid plans:

My Unforgettable proposal?
Can't remember it. I think we were in a coffee shop while traveling and my husband said, "Why don't we get married?"

The Guest List:
My parents emigrated from England so I have a total of 5 family members on this side of the Atlantic. My husband's guest list of just immediate family was 90. We had to keep it small just so my side of the family wouldn't be a sea of empty seats.

The Weather:
My parents were married in December. There was a huge snowstorm. The best man and the rings got lost. My brother got married in October. Therewas a big snowstorm that shut down the airport. So we got married in July. No snow, but it was over 90 degrees.

Groom in cast:
At my wedding it was the groom's mother who was in a cast. On painkillerss. She did somersaults across the bed i n our suite.

Still we've been together for 25 years. So even though the wedding didn't go smoothly, everything else has worked out okay :-)


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