Destination Wedding - Spying on an Italian wedding party

By Murissa Shalapata

At this stage in my life, as I complete my final year in University after 5 years, I still cannot imagine even beginning to plan a wedding for myself. I still do not know that it is even right for me. However, I have thought about it, particularly when I was in Italy touring Tuscany and the Veneto regions. It was picturesque and would be the only place I would consider for my wedding.

Tuscany was an amazing place with lush rolling green hills peppered with grape vines and olive trees. On every 4th or 5th hilltop there rests what was once a bustling medieval village, such as San Gimignano. Wine is cheaper than water and food is finer than the softest silk. Could you imagine a bride and groom being married upon this pathway nestled in between budding olive trees and ancient ruins that have seen ugliness of the plague and has been an integral part of village life since the 9th century. All while overlooking the 360 degree view of the gorgeous Tuscan hills.

The Veneto region was one of my favourite areas of Italy. Only a 45 minute walk from Vicenza there are properties from the 15th Century that contain meticulous frescoes of Gods and Goddesses, beasts and their stories of love and jealousy. These properties are known as villas, some designed by the famous Giulio Romano (in Mantua) or Andrea Palladio (Vicenza). I strolled along the cobblestone streets that soon turned to manicured pathways of gravel and grass. Stacks of rock formed the protective walls of the properties. Just on the other side of these walls were bustling Italian weddings that I could spy on through Rose bushes or carved peepholes in the walls. Men in their tailored suits and women in expensive dresses all ate and drank with smiles on their faces despite the impending rain clouds. The smell of rain simply added to the delicious smell of flowers, homemade aranchini, pastas and desserts.

Since peeking in on this delectable option for a wedding, if I do ever bite the bullet, I know this will be the way to go, with only the closest of friends and family.
La Rotunda by Andrea Palladio

Outside La Rotunda by Andrea Palladio

Sala dei Giganti - Palazzo del Te in Mantova
Architecture and Painting by Guilio Romano

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