My Big Fat Greek Wedding vs. The Royal Wedding

by Ericka Scott

The blog theme for the month of June is weddings. For myself, I've had two weddings.

My first was a big, fat Greek wedding long before the movie came out. An affair where I knew less than a third of the attendees and the hardest task (and one that caused me the most heartburn) was determining the seating arrangements of the guests. What a nightmare.

My second wedding was a casual, family affair where I knew all the guests and the only thing I worried about was keeping the kids from eating too many of the Krispy Kreme donuts that comprised the groom's cake.

At the end of April, I joined in with thousands of others who watched the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. What a fairytale love affair and ceremony.

Well, this week, I'm in London, England, seeping up history and keeping my eyes peeled for a glimpse of the royal couple (LOL). Just a day ago, my family and I attended Evensong at Westminster Abbey, and I could easily imagine myself as a guest at the royal wedding (wearing a hat with a modest brim that wouldn't set the internet aflame with commentary). What a thrill it was to walk on the same worn stone steps as the Queen!

Did you watch the wedding? Were you struck, as I was, with memories of the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana? I taped their wedding on a VHS tape (talk about dating a person). My favorite memory of the wedding hasn't been the hats or Pippa's gorgeous (and sexy) dress, but was of the kiss on the balcony. Deep sigh. Now that's romance!

To celebrate the nuptials, leave me a comment and I'll arrange to send you a memento from the wedding purchased specially for you here in London.


Ericka Scott


  1. Ericka - sounds like you know all about weddings! Although i love the idea of a donut groom's cake! :D

    And yes - i saw parts of the Royal Wedding -it was very romantic.

    But those hats - Oy!



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