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I pilfered this title from TV Guide. It accompanied their article about TV nuptials during May sweeps. The wedding shows they profiled were: Chuck, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Better With You, Brothers & Sisters, Outsourced, and 90210. Weddings are great for ratings.

Ah! Weddings. Happy Ever After. Who doesn’t love a wedding? We love watching TV weddings and we love our movie weddings. Since TV Guide has the TV covered, I thought I’d talk about movie weddings.

I went to the Netflix site, and here are their picks for the top ten wedding movies:

It Had to Be You (1947-Ginger Rogers as the original “runaway bride.”) I love classic movies but don’t remember seeing this. Will have to check it out.

The Wedding Planner (2001) A cute movie.

The Wedding Singer (1998) Not too crazy about this one.

Runaway Bride (1999 with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere) The quintessential romance story.

In and Out (1997) I never heard of this one, but Netflix says the last scene is a classic. Will have to check it out.

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) Another quintessential romance movie.

That Old Feeling (1997) Starring Bette Midler. I never saw this one. Note: 1997 was apparently a big year for wedding movies.

Betsy’s Wedding (1990) Heard this was good. Never saw it.

Oklahoma (1955) Oklahoma? The musical? Who would’ve thought?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) Loved it.
You may not agree with this list and have your own.

Ones I think belonged on that list:

Father of the Bride - both the original from 1950 with a radiant Elizabeth Taylor and the remake in 1991 with a funny Steve Martin.

The Wedding Crashers (2005). I love this movie. A little backstory: My husband and his friends were real-life wedding crashers in Philadelphia in the early sixties. There were several catering halls near where they lived. There was usually a wedding or two at the halls every Saturday. My hubby and his friends, all teens, would dress in suits, even bring cards, and crash the weddings. They got to eat good food and meet girls.

Bride of Frankenstein (1935) Who could forget Elsa Lanchester and that hair? A classic.

The Hangover (2009). One of the funniest movies ever. Not a wedding movie, you say? I beg to differ. It’s all about a wedding. I’ve seen The Hangover four times and have laughed as hard each time. Love it.

I could go on. What are some of your favorite wedding movies?


  1. I love the wedding scene in "Love Actually" where the best man surprises the couple with the Beatles song.

    Cuuuttteee post!

  2. Oh, yes, Love Actually, I enjoyed that movie, but the segment where the woman gave up the man she loved to stay with her disabled brother made me sad. I always figured she could find a way to stay with her lover and still help her brother. So I've never seen the movie again. Thanks for posting, Vicki.

  3. "Love Actually" definitely has one of the best wedding scenes. "My Best Friend's Wedding" has the best rehearsal dinner musical scene. While I wasn't the biggest fan of "Bride Wars," it had its moments.

    What about the wedding in "Coming to America?" The Prince returns home to do his duty and marry his parents' choice for his bride. She lifts her veil, and she's the woman he fell in love with in America.

  4. Four Weddings and A Funeral...Loved it. I agree totally about Love Actually. Loved that too and the guy the girl gave up for her brother was the hot guy (Marcello) in Under the Tuscan Sun which also had a wonderful wedding scene.

  5. Emma and Karen, thanks for posting. It's such fun to talk about wedding movies. Emma, I remember that scene in Coming to America. I enjoyed that movie. And Karen, I'm glad the hot guy who lost the girl in Love Actually got to find someone else. I never saw Under the Tuscan Sun. I must rent it.

  6. I am so with you on Father of the Bride. Absolutely loved that movie remake (and liked the original one too)

    thanks for giving me a list to check out. So many movies (and books) so little time.

  7. Cara--

    I always enjoy your blog posts. This was a fun topic. Ironically, I loved "The Wedding Singer" but wasn't crazy about "Wedding Crashers."

    How about adding "The Hangover" to the list? That's one of my fave comedies.


  8. I think you covered most of my faves and added a few I want to see now. Thanks.

  9. Lynne, thanks for posting. Father of the Bride has always been one of my faves, old version and new. Adele, thanks for posting. I did add Hangover as one of my favorite wedding movies. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. Calisa, thanks for posting. I've gotten some ideas myself from the Netflix list and from what others posted.

  10. What about 27 Dresses? I've seen it several times now and love it. So many weddings happening in that one!

  11. My all time favorite romance and a marriage at the end right now is Leap Year.

  12. You left out: Four Weddings and A Funeral, 27 Dresses, and Leap Year.

  13. Hi Cara. Yuo should rent In and Out. Very funny. Haven't seen too many of the others as it's mostly kid moves in my house, but you've given me a great list to start with when I can watch older movies again.

  14. Loved Wedding Crashers, FOB, and yes, I loved the Wedding Singer. Also liked 27 dresses, and can we add Maid of Honor to this list?

  15. Thanks, everyone for all your recommendations. Aileen, I love 27 Dresses, and Patsy, I've seen Leap Year twice. I love it. Caroline, Four Weddings and a Funeral is great too. I couldn't think of half these when I was writing the blog. Kim, I will have to get In and Out. And Lily, I remember Maid of Honor. Good movie.

    After all this I forgot Bridesmaids which I saw last week. Hilarious.

  16. Cara, just got around to reading your list! I have to say, I just love The Wedding Singer. It's a wonderful flashback to the eighties for me and Adam Sandler is cute and lovable in it. For a change. And Billy Idol makes a hilarious cameo at the end. I still laugh just thinking about it. I loved The Wedding Crashers too. Your hubby must have some great stories of his own - too bad he didn't think of making them into a movie first!


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