Reshuffling My Bucket List

by Julia Smith

The wonderful thing about crossing items off of one's Bucket List is moving other items a little higher.

My personal list belongs to a small but rabid population of the world known as balletomanes, or ardent admirers of dance. Or ballet freaks. Same difference.

I just had the incredible experience of taking my first trip to New York City, where more than seeing the Empire State Building, more than shopping at Macy's, more than even seeing a Broadway show - the thing I most wanted to do in the City That Never Sleeps was to go to Lincoln Center to see American Ballet Theatre's production of Swan Lake.

I have a specific section of my Bucket List devoted to seeing the top ballet companies of the world performing in their home venues.

Once upon a time, I worked as an usher at the home theatre for the National Ballet of Canada, which was golden. Truly. I saw many companies on tour, which only whet my appetite to see them on their home turf.

American Ballet Theatre was number two on my all-time list of companies to see, after the Mariinsky Ballet (formerly known as the Kirov during the Soviet era.) Now that I've experienced the wonder of seeing ABT at The Met, here is my reshuffled list:

Kirov-Mariinsky - The One, The Only - There is only one Mecca in Islam and there is only one 'Mecca' in Ballet and it's an aqua-and-white building on Theater Square in St. Petersburg! :clapping: - from Natalia @ Ballet Alert

The Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, London

to see the Royal Ballet

The Palais Garnier in Paris

to see the Paris Opera Ballet

Det Kongelige Teatre in Copenhagen

to see the Royal Danish Ballet

The Sydney Opera House

to see the Australian Ballet.


  1. That's an impressive list. I hope you get to them all!

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