Writing Vacations at Home

by Rae Lori

The best thing I always loved about reading is that it can take you so many places. Ever since I began writing, I notice my stories always seem to take place in locations that I currently live in or my home in Cali. I love writing about the climate, both socially and weather wise, and creating a world for the reader to lose themself in. Even better if they've never been to the place and still get a sense of their surroundings!

My current location of Arizona has been a major source of world for my Ashen Twilight series. Although the climate can be a bit crazy at times, the southwest sunsets and setting offer some gorgeous imagery for presenting a great scene.

Excerpt from A Kiss of Ashen Twilight (Book 1 in the Ashen Twilight Series)

After making a quick rest stop, Jace stepped was out on the street, feeling the cold night air on his equally cold skin. He loved the sounds of the city around him and of all the cities he’s been to, downtown Phoenix had to be the lowest key.
Summer was near. The air flirted with the cold one day and teased with a warm caress of heat the next. City nightlife sprang to life with car horns, bright lights and unsuspecting humans walking the streets to and fro.
He breathed in deeply, sensing the flurry of people, their thoughts and emotions along the busy street. Even though his body felt full from the recent feed, his nostrils tickled with the smell of blood. His mouthed watered to taste the sweet liquid. The city dwellers smiled, laughed and conversed among themselves. So unaware of what the world held beneath their radar for so many centuries.

My favorite location to write about is California because of the mild climate, ocean overview and because of that special magic that Hollywood holds. I always thought driving there was an experience because it was the place where movies were made and anything can happen.

I wrote about Hollywood in my upcoming romantic suspense noir book 'The Comfort of Strangers' which takes place right in the heart of Hollywood.

Excerpt from 'The Comfort of Strangers'

    Strapped to his ear was a high tech, high-priced Bluetooth attachment he periodically spoke into. He leaned back, shifting in his seat in front of his outdoor work station until his body eased in to his sweet spot. It was a mild day in Southern California. Warm, calm winds blew the rustling leaves around our backyard. He watched the wind brush the waves of his blue pool, tiny ripples forming across the area before they disappeared. It was a beautiful sight. One that would fit on any postcard boasting of the cool beaches, high priced celebrity Spanish style houses and laid back living usually associated with this area. But like any other day, he didn’t have time to enjoy it.
 Although I haven't been many places, I still plan to travel a lot which would be awesome inspirations for my future books. I love being a sci-fi fantasy fan because I also get to create worlds that haven't existed or may never exist except in the reader's mind. 

But that's a blog for another day. ;-)

Rae Lori, multi-genre Author & Artist of the Ashen Twilight series


  1. I love anything to do with travel of course! I plan to write a few books that take place in Italy & France, perhaps even Spain when I go eventually. Thanks for sharing!

    The Wanderfull Traveler


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