Chiron Radio featuring Jeff Beck, KT Turnstall, T-Bone Walker and more!

by Chiron O'Keefe
Hello there! Once again, I've collected a ripping assortment of videos, some classic performances and some yummy "ear candy". Pull up a chair, pour a favorite beverage and enjoy the show!

By the time, The Beatles, burst onto the scene, they were so polished they practically gleamed. In 1964, they performed on the Ed Sullivan show to an estimated 73 million viewers. However, before they cleaned up their image (courtesy of Brian Epstein) and began churning out a steady stream of hits, the boys were dedicated rock-n-rollers. Many aren't familiar with the searing rock tunes the band recorded early on. Here's one of my Top Picks.

Written by Larry Williams, with John's gritty lead vocals and George's irresistible double-tracked lead guitar and presented with a seriously fine video (superb editing here).

Check out, "Bad Boy":

While we've got the energy high, let's feast on a little early Jeff Beck, performing with the Yardbirds.

"Train Kept A Rollin":

Eric Clapton (who would go on to form Cream with bassist Jack Bruce and drummer, Ginger Baker). One of the blues guitarists who influenced Clapton (along with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Keith Richards) is the one and only Freddie King. Last week, I uncovered a vintage performance to share.

Here's the classic blues song "Ain't Nobody's Business" performed by Freddie King:

Another blues guitarist whose style held great influence (Chuck Berry, B.B. King and Jimmy Hendrix, among others) is T-Bone Walker. Here he performs his very own "Stormy Monday":

Man, this music just rocks my soul. ♫♫♫ How about you? Makes me feel like dancing. To do the honors for me, here's a Very Cool Sam Rockwell, showing Jimmy Fallon exactly How It Is Done:

Have you seen KT Turnstall? This woman really rocks. Here's two to enjoy.

First, a live cover of the Jackson Five's "I Want You Back":

Following with one of my favorite tunes, "Suddenly I See":

This next find is not only a fabulous tune but also an amazing video. Shades of Annie Lennox, anyone? Check out the band, Oh Land, performing "Son of A Gun":

Seems only right that every show should have at least one guilty pleasure, right? I think you know what I mean. THE video that is hilarious or mind-blowing and you just can't tear your eyes away. This week's Guilty Pleasure is the very entertaining "Jack Sparrow" by The Lonely Island (featuring Michael Bolton):

One of my buddies, Kathy Holmes, shares my hunger for lush tunes. Her most recent book, The Tom Jones Club, features a cabaret singer which reminded me of Jeff Beck's recent collaboration with Imelda May. To finish up our show, I have cued up a recent video of one of my very favorite guitar heroes and the delicious Imelda, with a song guaranteed to give you chills.

"Walking in the Sand":

Hope you enjoyed watching the show. Your comments and support are much appreciated. Until next time, Keep Rocking!

"Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth" ~~Mark Twain

Tunefully Yours,


  1. It's Chiron Radio - woo hoo! Love the tunes! And thanks for the mention, my favorite Diva!

  2. Another stunning array of videos! I was so excited to see the playbill Jimmy held - I actually saw A Behanding in Spokane! Woo hoo!

  3. Thanks, dear Kathy! *grin* Appreciate it very much

  4. Wow, Cate, that's fantastic. How was the play?

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the videos. You're such a dear!!


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