The Magic Formula
As a believer in setting your intentions, let me just say that truly there is a magic formula for achievement. I wish it was as easy as a pill or a salve or something like fairy dust you could just sprinkle onto what it is you desire, but that’s not the truth. Yet, the reality to attainment is simple in the respect that it is available to each of us.
When I decided to at long last be serious about writing, I did specific things to put myself on the path. First, I mustered the courage to believe it could happen. Up until that moment, I had the desire buried, too afraid to venture for fear of failure. I decided no more hovering on the edge of the pool, so to speak. I jumped in.
I surround myself with those in the know. I joined New Jersey Romance Writers and attended every meeting my schedule would allow. I listened to other writers’ experiences, learned as much as I could. I also joined Liberty States Fiction Writers and do the same there. I attend their conferences, workshops. I met my critique partners through these organizations and together we nurture our writing careers.
I put what I learn into practice. If you want to write, you have to write. You can’t just think about it, talk about it, read about it. You have to do it.
Persevere. There are days when I ask myself “who am I kidding?” when doubt seeps into my thought. I shake it off and keep my eyes forward.
Act as if. Act like a writer and the world will embrace you as one. And in turn, your core belief system will become reinforced that that is who you are.
Okay, so it’s not easy, but it works if you put in the work and conviction. I’m currently awaiting the release date of my third book, Brookside Daisy, and am delighted to be working at this career I love.
About six months ago I decided there was another area of my life that needed to be realized, my physical well-being. I wanted to weigh less, be more physically fit, eat healthier. So I put these same principles into practice.
I believed I could turn my physicality around, fueled by the measure of success I enjoy with my career. I surrounded myself with those in the know by joining Weight Watchers. I attend the meetings, listen, learn. I put what I learn into practice. I log my points, exercise moderately, make healthier choices. I persevere. Even after a week of heavy social engagements that stretch my point allotment, I am accountable. I act as if. I approach social engagements, all meals and snacks, and exercise with the mindset that I am a fit person. Since starting Weight Watchers I am down nineteen pounds with three more to go before I hit goal.
I hope that whatever it is that you desire, becomes your reality!


  1. Mary Kate, you are an inspiration! You are so right about the fear, doubt, etc. playing a huge part in holding you back as a writer. I still need to overcome a lot of that. Thanks for sharing your success. I love every release and can't wait to meet Daisy next!

  2. Great post, MaryKate! Congrats on all your accomplishments. I admire your determination!

  3. I enjoyed your post, MaryKate, just as much as I enjoyed your books! That you maintain and reach your goals is awesome! Best of luck with "Brookside Daisy" and you go girl!!

  4. MaryKate, As always, I enjoyed reading your "stuff"! This time you really gave me food for thought and action- W.W. here I come! Looking forward to Daisy.

  5. Fantastic, uplifting blog post xx I believe a positive attitude goes a long way...but not as far as a negative one can go. Gotta keep that momentum going, and keep striving for what we want out of life. This post just reminded me of that. Thank you!


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