How To Put The "I" Into Inspiration

Stephen King dreamed up the basic plot for his classic horror novel The Shining after he spent a night near the end of season at an out of the way historic hotel, The Stanley, tucked high in the Colorado Rockies.

Author Suzanne Collins credits channel surfing, scenes of the Iraq war and the Greek myth of Theseus for inspiring the first book, The Hunger Games, first book of her popular trilogy.

Writers gain ideas and inspiration from many outlets.  Sometimes we know where and how we came up with a new idea and sometimes they spring into being as if conjured up with magic.

The one thing that I know about inspiration is that "I" is very important.  None of my stories or novels could exist with me or "I".  I bring my own unique experiences, background and imagination into play.

Going to a car show featuring a GTO much like the one my high school boyfriend drove led me to think about a lot of things and the inspiration for "Love Never Fails", a second chance at love story out from Rebel Ink spun into a novel.  Places like this lovely grotto tucked away in the local park became part of the story:

On a mundane trip down through Arkansas - we used to make the trek from Missouri down to Shreveport, LA multiple times each year a thunderstorm over Arkansas' second highest peak, Rich Mountain, mingled with my long time fascination with time travel to inspire me to write "A Time To Love" just out from Champagne Books last week.

In one of my upcoming novels due out in June 2012 from Rebel Ink Press, Guy's Angel, the stories that my grandparents told about the old neighborhood inspired me to write about their heyday, the 1920's.  Add to that my own love for vintage aircraft includng the JN 4 Curtiss Jenny and voila! I had a story spinning from my imagination onto the computer screen!

Our imaginations have no limits.  If we're open, the world around us is just waiting to inspire, to intrigue and to incite us to create!   I have far more stories I'd love to tell than time but the stories keep coming and I keep writing.

My current work in progress is inspired by World War II and the army camp - Camp Crowder (better know as the "real" Campy Swampy of Beetle Bailey fame thanks to a soldier stationed there named Mort Walker)

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