My Top 5 Travel Blogs & Why

Seven short months ago I joined the travel blogging community and received nothing but support from readers and fellow bloggers all around the world. I assumed that my readers would consist of Canadians more so than anyone else but I have also had an overwhelming response from Italy, France and the UK. I hope to pay homage to those who have been consistently reading and even promoting my own travel blog, The Wanderfull Traveler. Since The Pop Culture Divas are also focussing on a theme of writing I will include what these bloggers have been teaching me about blog based writing.

           5 - Travel Designery
This fellow blogger, based out of New York, loves to travel as much as I do. However, her posts are more fashion oriented and predominantly visual. I always thought that as a blogger, and a studying writer, that the writing must be a big part in blogging, when in reality it is only part of the process of storytelling. I am also grateful to Lorena, writer of Travel Designery, as I found Vecu Magazine through her blog. Now I have contributed to the past 4 issues of this (free) online publication. As a result my travel & food articles have reached as many as 100,000+ potential readers.

          4 - Anthony Bourdain
On the flip side of visual storytelling, Bourdain, a television personality, writer and chef, pushes me to write better stories. His blog often only contains one or less photos and the writing is the focus. As a writer attempting to get my work out there it is important for me to have good work associated with my name, this includes blog based writing. What constitutes good blog writing is subjective to the reader, however, I tend to find that it is a good mixture of humour, descriptive writing using unique ways of seeing things & provides new perspectives, interjection of the blogger's personality so the reader can feel a sense of getting to know you as they follow your travels (or whatever you write about), and finally, have an opinion! Even if it is controversial, it makes for a good read. But don't be controversial just because you want readers, be true to yourself and write from experience & the heart.

         3 - Ciao Christy
This sweetheart of a blogger, based out of Florence, Italy, makes her readers want to head to Florence and hang out with her. Christy is originally from the Southern United States and, lucky her, she found love in Florence after taking a chance to moving to Tuscany alone. She is a hero and her blog is fun to read. Her blog isn't stuffy and she doesn't take herself too seriously which is why she is such fun to read. Personal touch is key.    However, she also helps out other bloggers who tend to write about Italy - each Monday she posts La Dolce Vita Series where others can provide links to their own blogs about Italy for that week. It caused a lot of traffic to flow through my own blog and I am so appreciative!

         2 - NYC, Style & a Little Cannoli 
I have never been to New York but I am absolutely looking forward to my potential trip next December 2012 (fingers crossed!). This is another blogger who includes a good amount of their own personality within the blog and covers a wide range of topics such as food, fashion, history, travel, art and events. What better place to feature a blog about everything than in New York?! I do appreciate how this blogger shares such a wide array of interests that offers something for everyone.

         1 - La Belle in France
Perhaps I am slightly biased putting this blog as my number one as Stephanie is a fellow art history buff and she writes about my most idealized city (that I have not yet had the chance to visit), Paris. She also has previously covered much of France. Her posts about Versailles inspire me and her writing/photo combinations are well thought out and at times play off each other. Obviously she includes her personality within her posts, but she also writes with passion behind her words. She is not afraid to write a longer post in fear that readers won't read all of it (which is at times the case for bloggers) and the discussions that arises in her comments (especially during Fine Art Friday's) are exciting to read. A blogger can only wish to inspire such passion within their readers!

Murissa Maurice writes food and travel articles for Vecu Magazine. She also writes a food and travel blog called The Wanderfull Traveler. Currently she is in her final year of University of British Columbia Okanagan where she will graduate with a double major in Art History and Creative Writing. She is also currently working on a Chapbook filled with her photography and poetry inspired by her travels.

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  2. I just adore Anthony B!! He an half has an adventurous job, eh?

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  3. Thank you so much for the kind words. I am so glad to be educating those on one of the greatest cities in the world! It is just magical and begs you for more each time. Hoping you can visit next Christmas, maybe we can even get together and I can give you a personal tour!! :) Thanx again for including me!!


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