Why Book Tours Make a Difference by Sara Humphreys

October 1st marked the release of Unleashed (#1 Amoveo Legend)and it's been a non-stop whirlwind from the first minute. I'm blessed to published by Sourcebooks because our SB publicist Danielle Jackson puts together an amazing blog tour for all of her authors. Thanks to her, I'm blogging all over cyberspace through the entire month of October and it really is the single best way to get your book in front of your target market.

In addition to being here today, I'm also over at Fresh Fiction and I welcome you to stop on by if you're so inclined. You can find the rest of my blog tour dates, most of which have giveaways, on my blog.

I thought it would be a good idea to set up a series of brick & mortar signings. I did this when my first book was out in limited release and found it very helpful in creating some buzz. It's a lot of work, phone calls, emails, follow-up etc. to get a tour like this off the ground but it's worth every single ounce of energy and just this past week I had a perfect example of why they're a wonderful tool for authors.

My book tour for Unleashed consists of 10 cities over the course of 8 weeks and while it's a lot of fun it's also a good deal of time and energy. Just before I left for the B&N in Westport, CT I received an email from my publicist at SB saying that the radio host of Conversation Crossroad requested an interview with me. Huh? With me? Before I called him to set up the interview I stopped by the website to do a little research only to discover that his guest that night was Jackie Collins!!! My first thought was...That is really freaking cool! My second thought was...How the heck does this guy even know who I am?!

Headset popped on and nerve gathered I called him as a I drove to the Westport B&N for book signing #2. After telling him how excited I was to be on his show (I tried to play it cool but I'm quite certain I didn't.) I asked him, "So how did you find me?"

He said, "It was easy. I walked into B&N and there was a big poster with a picture of you and your book! I knew I had to get you on my show."

So is a book tour worth all the time and energy? That would be a great, big YES!

You just never know who will walk in that store and find out about you and your book. However, the coolest part of book signings is the chance to meet your readers and to convert new ones. I posted some pictures on my blog from the book launch at the Yonkers B&N and there are some on my FB page from the Walmart event this weekend. Good times!

Next stop in the B&N in Cherry Hill, NJ this Saturday October 15th from 2pm-4pm! You can find the rest of my book tour stops on my website or blog.

If you're around your computer on Wednesday October 12th around 7pm est come by the Conversation Crossroad interview. However, if you miss it there will be a permalink to the podcast for folks to listen to at any point. Neat-o.

Leave a comment here today and you'll be entered to win a signed copy of Unleashed!

Dream on.....


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